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Typology Master
Methodology Distance learning
Duration 2 Years
  • Master
  • Distance learning
  • Duration:
    2 Years


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What could be improved: I want know briefly about this course then i will do.
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Course programme

The Linguistics Programme is one of the leading centres for teaching and research on human language. Our programme specializes in discourse analysis, historical linguistics, language acquisition, linguistic typology, morph syntax, semantics and socio-linguistics. The Program has a strong record of attracting external funding.
These skills include the methodical analysis and evaluation of data, the critical appreciation of language and the way it is used in different contexts, report production and presentation and skills in information retrieval and data gathering. A degree in linguistics at Leeds is an excellent qualification for students who wish to pursue careers in advertising, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, journalism, tourism, public relations or the civil service. It is also an excellent basis for students who wish to go on to further training for a career in speech therapy, accounting, law or teaching. Alternatively, if you have combined the study of linguistics with a modern foreign language, this provides an ideal basis for further professional training as a translator or interpreter - again, there are excellent opportunities within the School of Modern Languages and Cultures here at Leeds.

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