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Maharaja Agrasen College is a learning community where students, teachers and staff collectively develop their intellectual and social capabilities. We believe that the path to individual and collective success lies in accepting challenges as opportunities for growth. We have no problems. Only opportunities. Our institution inculcates the values of hard work and diligence amongst its students and staff enabling them to overcome obstacles in the journey of their future lives with dignity and poise. We aim at nothing less than the best and devote all our resources towards that end.

In order to achieve our objectives we have teachers and staff dedicated to maintaining high standards in the performance of the students. A broad range of extra curricular activities, that few institutions could boast of, further refines the students' spirit of succeeding in a competitive environment. We take the class room outdoors and let our students and staff share the feel of dealing with real life situations. Our college stands for time tested values of truth, honesty, obedience to the law of the land and inculcation of Indian culture in all its diversity. We celebrate diversity and consider it as our strength.

Maharaja Agrasen College