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Location Hyderabad
Class hours 40h
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516,Annapurna Block, AdityaEnclave, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500026, 500026, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
516,Annapurna Block, AdityaEnclave, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500026, 500026, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Syllabus Outline Introduction to MVS Multi programming Multi processing Real and Auxiliary Storage Spooling Data Management overview(MVS Functions) Types of Data and Dataset Organization I/O Devices Unit Record Devices Magnetic Tape Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) Primary Options Menu Command Overview MVS System Concepts Job Management Overview VS COBOL-11 Introduction to COBOL History of COBOL and introduction to VSCOBOL 11 Details of COBOL Coding sheet Structure of COBOL program Working with Data Hierarchical representation of data COBOL data types Elementary and Group data items SYNC Clause Figurative Constants Program Structure Programming style Sections and Procedures EXIT Program Control Types of statements Arthimetic Verbs Decision Making Iterations Trapping Run Time Errors Exception handling Table Handling File Sorting Sorting(Internal,external,bubble,shuttle sorts) Input and output procedures Merge File Handling File processing Overview Types of files Open and Close The Delete Verb Writing New Records Sub Programming The use of embedded and external subprograms COPY statement CALL String Functions STRING UNSTRING INSPECT REFERENCE MODIFICATION Job Control Language(JCL) Introduction Key parameters in JCL Job statement POSITIONAL PARAMETERS KEYWORD PARAMETERS Exec statement POSITIONAL PARAMETERS KEYWORD PARAMETERS DD statement POSITIONAL PARAMETERS KEYWORD PARAMETERS Special DD statements TEMPORARY DATASETS BACKWARD REFERENCES SYSADUMP Other JCL statements COMMENTS STATEMENTS DELIMETER STATEMENTS NULL STATEMENT Procedures PROC and PEND statement SYMBOLIC parameters PROC statement Generation Data Groups(GDG) Introduction Creation of GDG IBM JCL Utilities Control Job Processing IF the ELSE Sort Internal Sort INREC,OURREC SKIPREC,STOPAFT VIRTUAL STORAGE ACCESS METHOD(VSAM) Introduction Basic concepts of VSAM Advantages of VSAM CI,CA and splits VSAM DATASETS KSDS,RBS ESDS RRDS,RRN LDS Parameters used for defining culsters Alternate Index Allocation Access Methods Services Define VSAM/Generation Dataset Groups Define PATH Other IDCAMS COMMANDS LISTCAT ALTER VERIFY FILE-STATUS CODES DATABASE 2(DB2) Introduction to RDBMS Overview of DB2

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