Master in Business Administration (MBA)

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  • I have taken in a ton inside a brief timeframe outline and empowering kindred youth and any one who can devote his/her time on studies to do as such at this point.



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For every business-oriented student or professional a Masters in Business Administration is the gateway to success. UNICAF University top-class MBA prepares its graduates for the very demanding world of business and provides an excellent opportunity for any ambitious business student or working professional to enhance its career. Further, it is ideal for people wishing to start their own business while it offers excellent prospects for future employment.

A key target is to blend and interrelates business theories with practical aspects. This allows UNICAF MBA students to get an insight and understanding of real world complexities.

Highly demanded skills such as leadership, innovation, organization, analytical, creativity and team working skills are developed through the course and allow students to further enhance their capabilities.

Throughout the Master's degree, key business aspects will be taught, including strategic and financial management, leadership, professional development, business and research methods.



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About this course

MBA programs are designed with the input of industry professionals to ensure that we deliver a curriculum that's rigorous, relevant and current. In the online MBA program, all course materials are distributed electronically, and you'll take just one class at a time as you work toward your online MBA.

For employment: MBA as a program is most suitable for people with 0 to 2 years of work experience, who have not decided on their career paths yet. An MBA General Management degree would open career opportunities in multiple industries, like retail, manufacturing, trading, etc. You may be required to supervise operations or manage small-sized teams of front-level employees. The qualification may allow you to take up positions as Supervisor, Junior Manager, Assistant Manager, and then Manager in HR, Marketing, Finance or Production functions. For self-employment: MBA is very apt for entrepreneurs, people handling family businesses, start-up businesses, wherein they are required to handle a variety of challenges in all areas of their business, as they are their own business leaders.

Regular admission to a Master’s programme requires an accredited Bachelor degree Applicants with an accredited Master’s degree will also be considered for entry HND Relevant holders with good relevant work experience (post graduation) may be considered for entry

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  • I have taken in a ton inside a brief timeframe outline and empowering kindred youth and any one who can devote his/her time on studies to do as such at this point.

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What I would highlight: I have taken in a ton inside a brief timeframe outline and empowering kindred youth and any one who can devote his/her time on studies to do as such at this point.
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Course programme

Finance and Strategic Management - MBA710
The aim of this module is to analyse theories and techniques related to finance and strategy. The module includes financial management theories, analysis of financial statements, economic and accounting ratios, cost and cash flow analysis as well as strategic decision management.

Theories of management - MBA712
The aim of this module is to provide students with a detailed insight of the concepts behind the management of businesses. Uses of management theories are analysed and developed while at the same an examination is made of how management should be contacted in different scale organisations and businesses.

Professional Development - MBA713
This module aims to teach how professionals can develop their careers. Students are taught how to develop their learning and professional skills, academic skills, communication, innovation skills, conflict and team management.

Business Methods and Procedures - MBA714 20
This module aims to show students the functions that are in motion within businesses. It aims to make students understand the different business models that are in operation and also identify the difficulties involved in putting into force strategic decisions. Throughout the course students will understand the importance of markets, consumers, finance, operations and human resource.

Research Practices - MBA715
The aim of this module is to provide the student with the appropriate tools to understand the importance of researching in a business. Research methods and methodologies are analysed with emphasis on qualitative and quantitative approaches to research. Students will learn how to proceed with data collection and analysis as well as how to proceed with literature reviews.

Supply Chains and Logistics - MBA716
Logistics and supply chains in an increasingly globalized world are becoming more and more important. This module aims to make students understand the important of logistics and supply chains for businesses, especially large organisations. Drivers of globalization, logistics and supply chain processes, theories and concepts are developed throughout the course.

Strategic Development - MBA717
This module is about strategic analysis, implementation of business strategies and planning in organisations. Relevant models are examined throughout the course while an in depth analysis of the firms competitive position in the market and industry is conducted.

Strategic Leadership and Practice - MBA718
This module is about leadership and strategy. Students learn how to take action within organisations and learn about key concepts, practices and theories. Throughout the course students will learn how to manage innovation, complexity and knowledge in dynamic organisations.

Dissertation - MBA711
This module is primarily a research based course. Students are expected to carry out their own investigation and produce a research report to a business relevant field.

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

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