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    Tarragona (Spain)

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    2 Years

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Master's degree in the culture and history of EUROMED countries and their relationships Official Euro-Mediterranean interuniversity Master

5 Euro-Mediterranean countries collaborate on this Master's degree which goes into historic relationships between the European countries of the Mediterranean from several historical capitals: Tarragona, Palma, Barcelona, Paris and Beirut. It is open to research and professional development in the area of European foreign policy.



Start date

Tarragona (Spain)
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Start date

OctoberEnrolment now open

About this course

Official European university degree (or a degree in law, engineering, architecture, quantity surveying or a graduate degree). In the case of non-EU degrees: an equivalent degree from an authorised higher-level educational establishment and academic record for the accredited official training including average grade from the original university.

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  • Cultural foundations of the Mediterranean
  • Geopolitics of the Mediterranean
  • Civil society in the Arab world
  • Planning and executing Euro-Mediterranean projects
  • Creation and management of Mediterranean NGOs
  • Current geopolitics
  • Diplomacy in the Mediterranean area
  • Conflict management and analysis
  • Basic rights in multi-cultural societies
  • Multi-disciplinary communications
  • EUROMED relations
  • Touristic development
  • Mobility process management
  • Middle east and the Arab world

Course programme

Compulsory common subjects for all specialisations

  • Cultural, Political and Religious Foundations of the Mediterranean
  • Geopolitics in the Mediterranean in 20th and 21st century
  • Civil Society in the Arab World
  • Planning and Executing European Projects in the Mediterranean
  • Policy for Creation and Management of NGOs at Mediterranean Regional Level
  • Current Geopolitics: Turkey and the EU
  • Diplomacy in the Mediterranean Area
  • Conflict Management and Analysis: Cyprus, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon/Israel, Western Sahara
  • Basic Rights in Multi-Cultural Societies
  • Multi-Disciplinary Communications
  • EUROMED Relations: Socio-political Dimensions and Institutions
  • Touristic Development and Coastal Management
  • Human Mobility Process Management in the Mediterranean
  • Middle East / Arab World

Euro-Mediterranean Relations

₹ 265,130.09 VAT incl.

*Indicative price

Original amount in EUR:

3,000 €