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Master's degree in Sociological Studies Master taught in English

If you would like to specialise in research and analysis techniques in demographics and sociology, and to be able to apply the results of the research to improving social needs and welfare, provides the master's degree in Sociology and Demographics. It is an in-person course taught at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra which will train you to carry out social research tasks.



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Barcelona (Spain)
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About this course

You will begin by studying research methodology and techniques, which includes working wtih statistical analysis techniques. You will continue with demographic social analysis, studying social dynamics and change and also the different social policies and the Welfare State. You will be able to analyse concepts of gender, family, society and research the causes of social inequalities. You will be trained to work in institutions as an advisor or expert in sociology and study of the needs of the population.

The master's degree lasts one year and is taught in person. This allows you to take part in the practical classes prepared for this course, besides debating and interacting with the teaching staff and the rest of the students. The classes are taught in English, so it is advisable for the student to be in possession of a B1 certificate of English.

Official bachelor's degree or equivalent. B1 level of English.

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  • Demographics
  • Social statistics
  • Political Economics
  • Political Sociology
  • Social economics
  • Qualitative research
  • Work sociology
  • Statistics
  • Statistical analysis
  • Demographic changes
  • Social inequalities
  • Social policies
  • Work economy
  • Migrations
  • Inequality
  • Ethnology

Course programme

Module 1: Research methodologies and techniques (10 mandatory ECTS credits)
  • Statistical Analysis Techniques I
  • Statistical Analysis Techniques II
Module 2: Socio-demographic analysis (20 mandatory ECTS credits)
  • Demographic changes and social dynamics
  • Gender, family and society
  • Analysis of social inequalities
  • Social policies and the Welfare State
Module 3: Optional courses on socio-demographic analysis
  • Work economics
  • Migrations and society: Political and socio-economic dimensions of the integration process
  • Health and inequality
Module 4: Optional courses on methods and techniques
  • Bases of political and social research
  • Design, assessment and analysis of questionnaires for survey research
  • Methodologies for qualitative research
  • Data management and research seminar
Module 5: Master's Thesis (20 mandatory credits for the research speciality)

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non-EU students: €4063.91

Level of Catalan equivalent to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages

Sociology and Demographics

₹ 261,240 VAT incl.

*Indicative price

Original amount in EUR:

3,079 €