Master Diploma in Sujok

In Jodhpur

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Important information

Typology Post Graduate Diploma
Location Jodhpur
Duration 3 Months
  • Post Graduate Diploma
  • Jodhpur
  • Duration:
    3 Months


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
315-316, Agarwal Tower, Sardarpura 'B' Road, 342003, Rajasthan, India
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Starts On request
315-316, Agarwal Tower, Sardarpura 'B' Road, 342003, Rajasthan, India
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Frequent Asked Questions

· Requirements

Senior Secondary or Practical experience.

Course programme

This is a South Korean holistic method in the arena of acupuncture. The basic treatment revolves around acupressure. This therapy do not use needles as the treatment is done by applying pressure to the corresponding points on either of the hands or the feet. The word in its full application means hand and feet. Patients are treated within minutes and are instantly relieved.

The therapy is totally based on hand and feet and these are the true image of the whole body. According to this therapy, thumbs and large toes are seen as representative of the head. Hand and feet are also used to curse any disease in the whole body as they act as emote control.

Course Details

1. Definition
2. All the basics of Sujok Therapy
3. Advanced Sujok Therapy, sixth key

Highlights of the course

Candidates can treat patients at home and can start their own centers
Jobs are available in any naturopathy hospital or alternative treatment therapy clinic.
A good Alternative business.
World health organization of Geneva has supported the therapy

Sujok is nature's gift to humanity. Similarity (Homo) is the basic principle of this science. Our entire body in miniature is represented in our hands & Feet. Like we use remote control to operate television we use our hands & feet to influence our whole body and cure disease. In view of the exact similarity of the hands and feet any place and problem in the body can be influenced using the Sujok correspondence treatment.

Su Jok is a world wide established method known for its strong curative values. It is a modern drug free highly effective system employing energy points and areas corresponding to the organs and systems of the body on the hands, feet and other body parts. Su Jok Therapy inherited the best of traditional oriental medicine and is highly effective for treatment of most common diseases and influence all body parts, internal organs, energy system like meridians, chakras and diamond system to restore health and prevention and treatment of diseases of physical, mental and emotional level using Hands and Feet as treatment areas.

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