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      Panjab University, Chandigarh, 160014, Punjab, India
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      Panjab University, Chandigarh, 160014, Punjab, India
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      Course programme

      University Business School (formerly, Department of Commerce and Business Management) has been imparting quality management education to develop dedicated, innovative and effective managers, researchers and teachers for four decades. The rechristening of the Department of Commerce and Business Management as University Business School (UBS) in 1995 by the Panjab University, symbolizes the recognition of completeness and maturity of the Department as a center of management education in India. The transformation from a Department to a school has given it a distinct identity as a 'School of Thought'. The philosophy of the management education at the UBS is built on an integrative value system. It is motivated by duty bound work ethics, human approach and scientific temper. The philosophy of the school is translated into a mission of creating wholesome personality of human beings with a view to produce effective managers, researchers and teachers. Modern attitude, practical wisdom, knowledge and skill relevant for management are deeply ingrained in the students.

      The school uses rigorous multifaceted pedagogy with an effective interface with the industry to translate the mission into action. It creates opportunities for its students to enhance their understanding of economic, social and political environment to broaden their horizon not only to adjust to change but to become catalyst, and to develop their power to conceptualize, decide and communicate.

      The faculty of the UBS trained in India and abroad, has earned international recognition in the industry and academia. The students produced by the school have made a mark in the world of business. The school has been recognized by the University Grants Commission under Special Assistance Programme for the following thrust areas, Supply Chain Management, Accounting and Business Finance-Social Responsibility and Human Resources Accounting (HRA), Investment Decision Making and Innovative Financing (with special reference to corporate social responsibility and HRA.The University Grant Commission has also covered the University Business School under its prestigious ASIHHS Program.

      UBS has consistently been among the top Business Schools of India. A number of top business associates of top companies in India, visit the college to participate in the placement process.

      The faculty interacts with industry through consultancy assignments, management development programs, and industry focused research and case studies. A good number of top executives from the industry in and around Chandigarh take regular classes at the school, which helps in imparting pragmatic sense to the teaching-learning process. In addition, management luminaries are invited for special lectures.

      Practical experience in the actual work environment of the industry is the necessary component of the full time management programs. It is compulsory for every student to go for a summer training of eight-week duration at the end of first year so that students can relate their class-room learning with the reality of management and second year program becomes more goal-oriented and meaningful. The students take Research Project based on specific industry focused problems in fourth semester.

      The School is well equipped with the modern methods of teaching and teaching aids. The course work is demanding. The performance of the student is continuously evaluated through class participation, written assignments, class tests in addition to mid-semester and end-semester examinations.

      UBS has a well-organized placement cell. This vibrant cell is driven by the students themselves.


      Title Name of the Paper
      Mec101 Advanced Business Economics
      Mec102 Marketing Management and Internet
      Mec103 Business Environment
      Mec104 E-Commerce-Foundations
      Mec105 Financial Management & Policy
      Mec106 Seminar on Business Research Methodology
      Mec107 Seminar on Executive Communication


      Title Name of the Paper
      Mec201 Advanced Business Statistics
      Mec202 Production Management
      Mec203 Business application of E-commerce
      Mec204 Cyber Marketing and Finance
      Mec205 Seminar on Accounting Theory
      Mec206 Workshop on E-Banking
      Mec207 Training report and Viva-Voce
      Elective paper (any one of the following)
      Mec208 Bank Management
      Mec208 Insurance Management
      Mec208 Management of trade in the Changing Environment
      Mec208 Hospitality Management
      Mec208 Entrepreneurial Development


      Title Name of the Paper
      Mec301 Legal Framework of Business in India
      Mec302 Legal and Regulatory Environment of E-commerce
      Mec303 Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
      Mec304 Workshop on Website Management
      Mec305 Seminar on Money and Capital Markets

      Elective Papers
      GROUP (A): Banking and Finance
      Mec306.1a Merchant Banking and Financial Markets
      Mec306.2a Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

      GROUP (B): Insurance
      Mec306.1b Legal Framework of Insurance
      Mec306.2b Innovative Insurance Products

      GROUP (C): Management of Select Services (Tourism and Hotel)
      Mec306.1c Tourism Management
      Mec306.2c Hotel Management

      Group (D): Management of Trade
      Mec306.1d Retail Management
      Mec306.2d Logistics

      Group (E): Accounting
      Mec306.1e Financial Disclosures and Corporate Governance
      Mec306.2e Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

      Group (F): Entrepreneurial Development and Small Business
      Mec306.1f Management of Small Business 100
      Mec306.2f Industrial Structure and Organisational Policy


      Title Name of the Paper
      Mec401 E-commerce Strategy and Management
      Mec402 Workshop on Applied Costing and Computers Application in Costing
      Mec403 Seminar on Security and Privacy Issues in E-Commerce
      (Students have to continue with the groups which they opted in the third semester. Each group consists of four papers)
      Mec405 Comprehensive Viva -Voce (1 to 4 semester)

      Elective Papers
      GROUP (C): Management of Select Services (Tourism and Hotel)
      Mec404.1c Legal Framework of Tourism and Hotel Management
      Mec404.2c Environmental Tourism & Cultural Interactions
      Mec404.3c Tourism Industry in India
      Mec404.4c Marketing and Sales Promotion Tourism Industry

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