Master of Computer Applications

Bharathiar University
In Coimbatore

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Typology Master
Location Coimbatore
  • Master
  • Coimbatore


Where and when

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Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, 641046., Tamil Nadu, India
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Starts On request
Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, 641046., Tamil Nadu, India
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Course programme

Core/Elective/Supportive/ProjectSuggested Code Sem Title of the Paper

Core 07CSEAC01 I Computer Organization And Architecture
Core 07CSEAC02 I Programming In C
Core 07CSEAC03 I Foundations of Computer Science
Core 07CSEAC04 I Data Structures
Elective 07CSEAC05 I Unix Programming
Supportive 07CSEGSXX I General Supportive
Dip.Paper I I Diploma Paper I
Core 07CSEAC06 II System Analysis And Design
Core 07CSEAC07 II Operating Systems
Core 07CSEAC08 II Design And Analysis of Algorithms
Core 07CSEAC09 II Object Oriented Programming
Elective 07CSEAC10 II Database Management System
Supportive 07CSEGSXX II General Supportive
Dip.Paper II II Diploma Paper II
Core 07CSEAC11 III Java Programming
Core 07CSEAC12 III Object Oriented Analysis And Design
Core 07CSEAC13 III Computer Networks
Core 07CSEAC14 III Software Engineering
Elective 07CSEAC15 III Computer Graphics
Supportive 07CSEGSXX III General Supportive
Dip.PaperIII III Diploma Paper III
Core 07CSEAC16 IV Visual Programming
Core 07CSEAC17 IV Software Project Management
Core 07CSEAC18 IV System Programming And CompilerDesign
Elective 07CSEAEXX IV Elective - I
Elective 07CSEAEXX IV Elective - II
Dip.PaperIV IV Diploma Paper IV
Core 07CSEAC19 V Internet Programming And Web Designing
Core 07CSEAC20 V Enterprise Java Programming
Elective 07CSEAEXX V Elective - III
Elective 07CSEAEXX V Elective - IV
Project 07CSEAC21 VI Project Work And Viva Voce 6 150

Code Title of the Paper
Elective 07CSEAE22 E - Commerce
Elective 07CSEAE23 Microprocessor And Assembly
Elective 07CSEAE24 Enterprise Networking
Elective 07CSEAE25 Enterprise Resource Planning
Elective 07CSEAE26 Client / Server Architecture
Elective 07CSEAE27 Principles Of Programming Languages
Elective 07CSEAE28 Speech Processing
Elective 07CSEAE29 Image Processing
Elective 07CSEAE30 Computer Peripherals And Interfacing
Elective 07CSEAE31 Neural Networks
Elective 07CSEAE32 Data Mining
Elective 07CSEAE33
Artificial Intelligence And Expert
Elective 07CSEAE34 Parallel Processing
Elective 07CSEAE35 Distributed Systems
Elective 07CSEAE36 Security In Computing
Elective 07CSEAE37 Knowledge Based Systems
Elective 07CSEAE38 Parallel Algorithms
Elective 07CSEAE39
Management Concepts And
Elective 07CSEAE40 Data Compression
Elective 07CSEAE41 Embedded Systems And Real Time
Operating Systems
Elective 07CSEAE42 Software Testing
Elective 07CSEAE43 Data Warehousing
Elective 07CSEAE44 Cryptography
Elective 07CSEAE45 VB And Net
Elective 07CSEAE46 Natural Language Processing
Elective 07CSEAE47 Virtual Reality
Elective 07CSEAE48 Web Services
Elective 07CSEAE49 Multimedia Systems
Elective 07CSEAE50 TCP / IP

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