Master of Dental Surgery (Periodontology and Oral Implantology)

Sibar Institute of Dental Sciences
In Guntur

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The following subheading may be considered achieving objectives. 1. Knowledge. 2. Skills. 3. Human values ethical practice and communication abilities.


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522509, Andhra Pradesh, India
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522509, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

The Sibar Institute of Dental Sciences offers Master of Dental Surgery (Periodontology and Oral Implantology) to its students. The course structure for it is as follows:

Etiology of periodontal diseases:

* Pathogenesis & microbiology of periodontal diseases
* Defense mechanism of gingival
* Host response: Basic concept
* Host – Bacterial interaction in periodontal diseases
* Altered leukocyte function & periodontal diseases
* Dental occlusion
* Dental calculus
* Role of iatrogenic and other local factors
* Influence of systemic diseases on the periodontium
* AIDS and the periodontium

Periodontal pathology, Gingival diseases:

* Gingival inflammation
* Clinical features of gingivitis
* Gingival enlargements
* Accept gingival infections
* Disputative gingivitis & oral mucous membrane disease
* Gingival disease in childhood

Periodontal diseases:

* The periodontal tickets
* Bone loss & patterns of bone instruction
* Periodontal response external forces
* Slowly progressive periodontitis
* Rapidly progressive periodontitis (Aggressive periodontitis)
* Necrotizing ulcerative periodontitis
* Refractory periodontitis
* Prepubertal and juvenile periodontitis
* Periodontal and implant instrumentation
* The periodontal and implant equipment and instrumentarium
* Principles of periodontal and implant instrumentation
* Instrumentation in different areas of the tooth of periodontal and implant procedures.

Treatment of periodontal disease

1. Diagnoses prognosis and treatment plan
* Clinical diagnosis
* Radiographic & other aids in the diagnosis of periodontal disease
* Advanced diagnostic techniques
* Determination of the prognosis
* Rational for periodontal treatment
* Periodontal treatment of geriatric patients
2. Treatment of Emergencies:
* Treatment of acute gingival diseases
* Treatment of periodontal abscess
3. Therapy:
* Preparation of the tooth surface
* Plaque control
* Treatment of uncomplicated chronic gingivitis
* Antimicrobial & other chemotherapeutic agents in periodontal therapy
* Treatment of aggressive from of periodontitis
* Refractory, rapidly progressive, Narcotizing. Ulcerative and juvenile
* Periodontal management of HIV – INFECTED patients
* Coronoplasty in periodontal therapy
* Orthodontic consideration in periodontal therapy
* Traumatic periodontal disturbances
* Evidence based periodontal therapy
4. Surgical phase:
* The surgical phase of therapy
* General principles of periodontal surgery
* Surgical anatomy of the periodontium & related structures
* Gingival curettage
* The gingivectomy techniques
* The periodontal flap
* Resective ossecous surgery
* Reconstructive osseous surgery treatment of furcation involvement & combined periodontal endodontic therapy
5. Mucogingival Surgery
6. Treatment of gingival enlargement
7. Recent advance in surgical technology
8. Oral implantology
* Introduction and historical review
* Biological, clinical and surgical aspects of dental implants
* Diagnosis and treatment planning
* Implant surgery
* Rehabilitation of partial edentulism
* Rehabilitation of complete edentulism
* Implant failures and their management
* Implant periodontics
* Periodontal – implant interface
* Peri-implanted and its managements
9. Maintenance phase
10. Supportive periodontal treatment
11. Management of Medical emergencies in periodontal practice

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