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      Master in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning - English

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      In Barcelona (Spain)

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      Typology Master
      Location Barcelona (Spain)
      Start October
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      • Barcelona (Spain)
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      If you are seeking to turn the Tourism sector into a more socially aware, economically responsible and environment-friendly industry, this is the Master you are looking for. Sustainable development has become a new paradigm in the 21st Century, in both the public and private sphere, and from an international right down to a local level. In the tourism sector, this paradigm has given rise to the concept of sustainable tourism, which focuses on the environmental, social and economic aspects in this sector. There is an ever-growing number of public bodies, academic institutions, tourism destinations, companies and international organizations that actively seek to integrate sustainability criteria into their policies.

      Find out about the latest research conducted by Ostelea on “Ecological and Sustainable Tourism in Spain”, which observes and analyses one of the tourism formats that has undergone the greatest growth in recent years.

      Get in touch with Emagister and learn more about this remarkable course!

      Important information
      What are the course objectives?

      Ostelea has decided to run a Master program in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning, which is designed to equip professionals and executives to lead the shift towards more sustainable planning and management of tourism activity, whether in public administrations or in the private sector.

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      Barcelona, Spain
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      Starts October
      Barcelona, Spain
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      What you'll learn on the course

      Tourism management
      Turismo rural
      Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning
      Turismo sostenible
      Destinaciones turísticas
      Turismo regional
      Turismo local
      Productos turísticos

      Course programme

      Module 1:Governance and planning of tourism products and destinations
      • Governance and planning of sustainable tourism destinations - 6 Credits - Core Course
      • Marketing and commercialization of sustainable tourism destinations and products - 6 Credits - Core Course

      Module 2:Sustainable tourism development
      • Heritage, tourism and sustainable development - 6 Credits - Core Course
      • Design and management of endogenous development tourism projects - 6 Credits - Core Course

      Module 3:Evaluation, management and conservation of natural heritage
      • Strategic regional planning - 6 Credits - Core Course
      • Management and preservation of natural resources and protected natural spaces - 6 Credits - Core Course

      Module 4:Tourism Management of natural heritage from a sustainability perspective
      • Creation and innovation of sustainable tourism products based on natural resources - 6 Credits - Core Course
      • Sustainable planning for the development of natural tourism - 6 Credits - Core Course

      Module 5:Master’s Thesis
      • Master’s Thesis - 12 Credits - Core Course