Mastering Logic Pro

Studio Saffire in association with Neoclassical Academy
In Noida

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Typology Training
Location Noida
Duration 3 Months
  • Training
  • Noida
  • Duration:
    3 Months

Suitable for: Aspiring students/working professionals looking for a career in Sound Engineering and Music Production


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
4C/B5, Dhawalgiri, Sector-34, Noida, U.P, 201301, Delhi, India
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Starts On request
4C/B5, Dhawalgiri, Sector-34, Noida, U.P, 201301, Delhi, India
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Course programme

SYLLABUS FOR THE COURSE OF MASTERING LOGIC PRO STUDIO SAFFIRE In Association with NAMPA For the year 2010-2011 Chapter 1 - A Sound Overview Introduction To 101, Opening Logic, Working With Tracks, Audio Vs Instrument Track, Object Oriented Audio, Tracks Point To Objects, Setting A Sampling Rate. Getting Deeper Into Waves-Sine, Using The Zoom Tool, Scroller Zooming, Zoom Key Commands, Auto Track Zoom, Waveform Zoom Tool, Looking At Samples, Which Sample Rate Is Best? - Nyquist Theorem, Deleting Files, Creating A Custom Template, Setting A Startup Action, Where Is The Sound? - Audio Setup, The Tools Menu, Floating Tool Palette, Saving A Project, Amplitude And Speakers, Editing Waveforms, Search Zero Crossing, What Are Regions?, About Destructive Editing, Sample Editor Undo, Normal Undo, Doubling Waveforms, Delays And Phase, The Summing Effect, Looking At Frequency, Sending To Sound Track Pro Frequency Spectrum View, Generating Test Tones, Frequency Fundamentals, Making Waves, Working With Frequency, Finishing Frequency. Chapter 2 - Song Construction Setting The Tempo, The Click Track, Tip-Sampling Rate, About Cycle Region, Song To Region Length, Region To Song Tempo, Time Machine Algorithm, Graphical Timestretching, Tip-Selecting Sound, Finding Apple Loops, Loops Tab Vs Browser, Choosing Loop Collections, Sorting Search Results, Auditioning Loops, Song And Loop Grooves, Using The Search Area, Blue Vs Green Loops, Green Loops Rock!, Looping Regions, The Musical Phrase, Working With Fills, Choosing Track Icons, Custom Track Icons, Icons In The Package, Icon Order, Customizing Colors, Indexing Apple Loops, The Apple Loops Utility, Property Tags, Search Tags And Descriptors, Configuring Search Buttons, Adjusting Transients, Saving Apple Loops. Chapter 3 - Midi Editing Audio Instruments, Creating MIDI Regions, Piano Roll Editor, Creating MIDI Notes, Editing MIDI Notes, Step Recording, Step Input, Moving Notes With MIDI, Quantization Overview, Quantization Tool, Arrange Windows Quantization. Chapter 4 - Exploring Audio Regions Reversing Audio Files, Merging Audio Regions, The Audio Bin, Region Anchors, Sample Editor Anchor, Tempo And Anchors, Repeating Regions, How Does Anchors Work, Packing A Folder, Folder Hierarchies, Unpacking Folders, Looping Folders. Chapter 5 - Bouncing MP3s Ripping CD Audio, Importing Audio Files, Ripping Tracks, Setting Up To Bounce, PCM Bounce Option, MP3 Bounce Options, Offline Bounces, About Key Commands, The Key Commands Window, Initializing Key Commands, Searching For Commands, Assigning Key Commands, Batch Exporting MP3, Realtime Fun. Chapter 6 - Recording Record Ready MIDI, Record Ready Audio, Mono Vs Stereo Recording, Setting A, Record Level, My First Recording, Sampling Rate And Bit Depth, Choosing A File Type, Max Record Time, Deleting Files, Using A Count-In, Using A Pre-Roll, Software Monitoring, Quick Software Monitoring, Cycle Recording, Selecting And Deleting Takes, Quick Swipcomping, Working With Comps, Comp Crossfades, Punch Recording, Auto Punch, Replace Mode, MIDI Recording Setup, Recording MIDI, Capture As Recording, Using MIDI Through. Rewire with Reason Chapter 7 - Layering Instruments Layering MIDI Regions, Screensets Intro, Creating A Screenset, Locking Screensets, Duplicating Screensets, Screensets 10 Plus, Screensets Vs Spaces, Frameless Floating Window, Naming Objects, Auto Track Management, Channel Strip Objects, Layers Overview, Creating And Deleting Layers, Moving Objects, Layering Channel Strips, The Instrument Object, Objects To Tracks. Chapter 8 - Getting Into The Mix Final Arrangement, Gating Audio Files, Strip Silence, Copying Objects, Using Aliases, Aliases To Real Objects, Find Alias Original, Quick Aliases, The Ingredients, The Mixer Window, Mixer Screensets, Working With Channels, Mixer Display Options, Using Mix Groups, Toggle Group Clutch, Working With DSP Effects, Multichannel Setup, Multichannel Ultrabeat, Mixer Key Command, Tools Vs Creative Effects, Bus Overview, Instantiating A Bus, Wet Vs Dry And Auxes, Pre Vs Post Sends, Buses In The Arrange, Automation Setup, Enabling Automation Lanes, The Automation Menu, Automation Modes, Using Multiple Lanes, Automation Display, Touch Vs Latch Mode, Touch Ramp Time, Read Vs Off Mode, Automation Quick Access, Using Multiple Controllers, Static Track Automation, Creating And Deleting Nodes, Working With Multiple Nodes, Using Automation Curves, Finding A Parameter, Moving Automation Data, Automation And Auto Zoom. Chapter 9 – Finishing A Song Get Good Monitors, EQ'ing A Vocal, Using A Compressor, The Gain Plugin, Tip-Gain Plugin, Using A Limiter, Compressor Vs Limiter, EQ'ing Your Mix, Saving The Finished Project, The Song.

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