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Typology Diploma
Location Bangalore
Duration 1 Day
  • Diploma
  • Bangalore
  • Duration:
    1 Day


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Room 111535,1st Floor, 39th Cross, 25th Main,4th 'T'block, Jayanagar, 560040, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
Room 111535,1st Floor, 39th Cross, 25th Main,4th 'T'block, Jayanagar, 560040, Karnataka, India
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Frequent Asked Questions

· Requirements

Students and professionals/Diploma/B.TECH or Equivalent in Aero/Mechanical/Auto/Civil/structural

Course programme

The theory aspects of the program that are included in it are discussed below:
Aircraft component Designing
Aircraft Structural Designing
Structural Modeling
Computer Implementing
The overview of the 3D-Software is as follows:
Generating Drafting, Part designing & Assembling, Welding-Designs, Rivet-Design, Wire-frames and Surfaces, Designs, Aerospace Sheet Metal, Cores and cavity Designs, D.M.U. kinematics, Free-style and Shapers.
The overview of Ansys is: - Pre-Processing, Solutions, & Post-processing, Applications of Ansys to Stress-Analysis, Nodal Analysis, Flow Analysis, Thermal-Analysis and Higher-level Advanced mesh generating tools.
Applicants and professionals/Diploma/B-TECH or equal in Aero/Mechanical/Auto/Civil/structural are eligible to get enrolled into this program.

The contents of the program are as discussed below:

Aircraft components designing:
• The Aircraft-industry, novel aircraft development, Boeing-Airplanes, Air-bus Airplane
• Main Aircraft component and their tasks
• Unit solution, Balancing of force systems
• Indeterminate structure
• The aircraft designing procedure
• Airfoil designing - 2D Uni-graphics and Ansys
• Wing-design
• Landing gear structures and analyzing
• Landing gear designing by use of Uni-graphics and Ansys
• Wing-structure
• Wing designing by use of Uni-graphics and Ansys
• Tail-analysis
• Fuselage shells analyzing
• Fuselage stress analyzing by use of Ansys
• Thermal analyzing
• Deflection analyzing
• Stiffness analyzing
Aircraft Structured Designs
• Designing Life Criteria - Philosophy
• Material
• Structural-Optimization
Structural Modeling, Computer Implementations, F.E.M.,
• Variations in formulation
• Solutions that are unique and that exist
• Discretions
• Selecting a base
• Minute support of the basis
• Matrix form of the trouble
• General-form of the finite elements methods
• Comparing to the finite variation methods
• Distinct kinds of finite element procedures
• General finite elements procedure
• HP-F.E.M.
• HPK-F.E.M.
• X.F.E.M.
• Spectral Techniques
• Mesh-free techniques
• Dis-continuous Galerkin-methods
• Finite Elements in Limiting Analysis
• Property of section, centroid, moments of inertia for aircrafts
• Basic structural load on air-craft
• V-n diagrams and gust-diagrams
• F.A.R. requirement

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