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Erode (Tamil Nadu)
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Namakkal District, 637205

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Management is a field of study where the mould of conventional thinking is broken to provide new insights, new challenges, and new emotional thresholds. Management as a field of study has been introduced in academic curriculum to develop students so that they can learn, master and practice the same in different kind of organizations including Private Sector, Public Sector, Government esablishments, new ventures, entrepreneur activities and small businesses.

The knowledge imparted during the management course covers all important aspects of business management, thus after completing this course a student can become successful entrepreneur or manager in different areas (marketing, finance, human resource and information technology) of different industries.

The course is mainly based on the following principles;

-Must manage by objectives.
-Must take over risks for a longer period ahead.
-Must be able to make strategic decisions.
-Must be able to build an integrated team, each member of which is capable of managing and of measuring his or her own performance and results in relation to the common objectives.
-Must be able to see the business as a whole and to integrate his or her function with it.
-Will have to be able to communicate information fast and clearly.
-Will have to be able to relate the product and industry to the total environment, to find what is significant in it and what to take into account in his or her decisions and actions.


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