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Rourkela (Odisha)
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Kansbahal, Near Rourkela , 770034

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Course programme

AS PRESCRIBED BY BIJU PATNAIK UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, ORISSARourkela COURSE STRUCTURE – MBA (SEMESTER SYSTEM) Code No. Subject Credit Hours Full Mark Semester:1 MBA‐101 Organization Structure & Management 4 45 100 MBA‐102 Organizational Behaviour 4 45 100 MBA‐103 Managerial Economics 4 45 100 MBA‐104 Quantitative Techniques 4 45 100 MBA‐105 Basic Financial Accounting 4 45 100 MBA‐106 IT for Managers 3 35 100 MBA‐107 Communicative English 3 35 100 MBA‐108 Communicative English (Lab) 2 30 50 MBA‐109 IT Lab 2 30 50 30 355 800 Semester:2 MBA‐201 Marketing Management 4 45 100 MBA‐202 Financial Management 4 45 100 MBA‐203 Human Resource Management 4 45 100 MBA‐204 Production & Operation Management 4 45 100 MBA‐205 Research Methodology & SPSS 3 35 100 MBA‐206 Business Environment & Sustainable Devt. 3 35 100 MBA‐207 MIS & ERP 3 35 100 MBA‐208 Business Communication 3 35 100 MBA‐209 Business Communication (Lab) 2 30 50 MBA‐210 MIS & ERP (Lab) 2 30 50 MBA‐211 Research Methods & SPSS (Lab) 1 15 50 33 395 950 Semester:3 MBA‐301 Cost and Management Accounting 4 45 100 MBA‐302 Banking & Insurance Management 4 45 100 MBA‐303 Business & Corporate Law 3 35 100 MBA‐304 Entrepreneurship & Management of SME 3 35 100 MBA‐305 Elective‐I 4 45 100 MBA‐306 Elective‐II 4 45 100 MBA‐307 Elective‐III 4 45 100 MBA‐308 Elective‐IV 4 45 100 MBA‐309 Summer Project Presentation & Viva 4 100 34 340 900 Semester:4 MBA‐401 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance 3 35 100 MBA‐402 International Business 3 35 100 MBA‐403 Strategic Management 3 35 100 MBA‐404 Elective‐V 4 45 100 MBA‐405 Elective‐VI 4 45 100 MBA‐406 Elective‐VII 4 45 100 MBA‐407 Article Review and Presentation 3 30 100 MBA‐408 Comprehensive Viva 4 100 28 270 800 TOTAL 125 1360 3450 ELECTIVES 3rd Semester Elective‐I (Choose one paper from the following) MBA‐305A Consumer Behaviour MBA‐305B Project Appraisal MBA‐305C Human Resource Planning MBA‐305D Software Management MBA‐305E Technology Management 3rd Semester Elective‐II (Choose one paper from the following) MBA‐306A Sales & Distribution Management MBA‐306B Financial Services MBA‐306C Compensation Management MBA‐306D E‐Business MBA‐306E Total Quality Management 3rd Semester Elective‐III (Choose one paper from the following) MBA‐307A Services Marketing MBA‐307B Security Analysis & Portfolio Management MBA‐307C Performance Management MBA‐307D Networking Management MBA‐307E Project Operations and Management 3rd Semester Elective‐IV (Choose one paper from the following) MBA‐308A Product & Brand Management MBA‐308B Taxation Management MBA‐308C Human Resource Development MBA‐308D Computer Aided Management MBA‐308E Innovation and R & D Management 4th Semester Elective‐V (Choose one paper from the following) MBA‐404A Integrated Marketing Communication MBA‐404B Derivatives and Risk Management MBA‐404C Employment Legislations MBA‐404D System Analysis & Design MBA‐404E Materials Management 4th Semester Elective‐VI (Choose one paper from the following) MBA‐405A Retail Management MBA‐405B Strategic Financial Management MBA‐405C Organizational Change and Development MBA‐405D Data Base Management MBA‐405E Supply Chain Management 4Th Semester Elective‐VII (Choose one paper from the following) MBA‐406A Rural and Agricultural Marketing MBA‐406B International Financial Management MBA‐406C Industrial Relations MBA‐406D Information Security And Cyber Law MBA‐406E Service Operations Management Area specialization: Group A Papers (MBA‐305A, 306A, 307A, 308A, 404A, 405A and 406A) are from Marketing Area; Group B Papers (MBA‐305B, 306B, 307B, 308B, 404B, 405B, 406B ) are from Finance Area; Group C Papers (MBA‐305C, 306C, 307C, 308C, 404C, 405C, 406C) are from HRM Area; Group D papers (MBA‐305D, 306D, 307D, 308D, 404D, 405D ,406D ) are from Systems Area. Group E Papers (MBA‐305E, 306E ,307E, 308E,404E, 405E, 406E ) are from Production Area Choice of Electives: The elective papers will be offered in the functional areas of Management such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Systems. Students have options to choose four papers as Electives I,II,III,IV from the Elective papers offered in the 3rd Semester and three papers as Electives V, VI, VII from the list of subjects offered in 4th Semester. A student shall be considered to have specialization in a particular area provided he/she covers at least four papers of that particular area in the 3rd and 4th semesters taken together. The institutions concerned shall be free to offer the exact subjects subject to administrative exigency such as availability offaculty, minimum of 15 students opting for an elective paper. The degree will be awarded after successful completion of all the semester papers. The teaching methodology in core and elective papers should emphasize on case study approach wherever appropriate with cases beng of recent origin.


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