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Course programme


The spirit of Enterprise & Industry stems from PSG, an 80 year old legacy in education and industry in our country. Testimony to the fact are the alumni spread across the nation, so also across the length and breadth of the globe. The PSG group of institutions specializes in providing comprehensive learning instructions in a variety of academic fields right from Arts and Science to Engineering and from Medicine to Management.
PSG College of Technology, established in 1951, a pioneer in imparting quality education and training at all levels for the past several decades, has been offering Master of Business Administration Programme since 1951.

:: Structure of the Course
Our Program follows a progression from a generalist core to specialist elective studies. It covers all the essential functional skills for a general manager and then allows for specialist studies that match individual interests and career aspirations. Studies are completed with the submission of a project based dissertation that requires graduates to demonstrate that they think and act strategically in tackling real and complex organisational problems. The teaching methods using case studies and extensive group work will help to develop a self confidence that gives graduates the assurance necessary to manage a range of different operations.

:: Value of the Qualification
The MBA Programme at PSG is design-fit to bring out the 'holistic you'. All round development of the body, mind and soul is an experience that puts our 'future people' at the frontier management advantage. Made to order infrastructure to suit a grueling two year education plan is what makes learning at PSG a unique proposition. The MBA programme aims to empower students with knowledge and skills to enable them to manage the future.
The Institute has an excellent library (Learning Resource Centre) and management laboratories with a state-of-the-art computer centre. The institute has an excellent record of facilitating placement of students on completion of the programme. Alumni of the Institute hold important positions in Industry and Business in India and abroad.

:: The Curriculum
The purpose of the curriculum modules is to provide the breadth of background that is required for those wishing to pursue a management career. The major intellectual challenge is to assimilate and apply the wide variety of disciplines encountered in core studies. The elective module present the opportunity to select the twelve subjects for in-depth study.

The two-year postgraduate programme - Master of Business Administration is a six trimester course affiliated to Anna University and approved by AICTE, New Delhi. MBA offers specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, International Business, Insurance and Entrepreneurship. Experienced full-time faculty and professionals from industry and business conduct the programme.

:: Teaching Methodology
The fact that sets PSG apart from other business schools is the focus on a purely application based curriculum. The teaching methodology adopted at the institute make the students, industry-ready and tailor-made to suit the conditions prevailing in the industry. It has the right mix of lectures, seminars, case studies, quizzing and mini projects. These in turn create good analyzing and presentation skills; apart from skills in managing time and working in teams. The personality development and the case analysis & presentation classes are conducted differently each session, giving that real world experience. The practical exposure is enhanced by having industry experts handling certain papers which act as the need of the hour. An interesting part of Personality Development programme is the Yoga class that is made mandatory which grooms the future both mentally and physically. It helps the students to manage stress and to have a control over their mind and body.

:: Industry Visits
Visits to industries are an integral part of management studies. It enables the students to get a glimpse of the industry so as to get a practical exposure in real time. The management operations can also be understood to a great extent. It provides the students with an opportunity to interact with the executives of the companies and to get required inputs from them.

:: Research Projects
Change is the only thing that remains constant, and to adapt to this the minds that work together need to get out of a state of dormancy and lethargy and step into the world of innovation. Moreover the success of any business depends greatly on Teamwork. And for this, PSG incorporates consultancy projects that students undertake both individually as well as in groups. This enhances their appreciation of the management concepts, which they apply practically in the research involved.

:: Summer Project
Stepping into the company which one prefers and studying the various aspects of how the business functions is in fact the dream of any person. An important aspect of this course is that every student is required to undergo summer project training in an organization and work in his or her area of interest for a period of 8 weeks.

:: Major Project
Learning from experiences is a key aspect in a manager's life. And for this PSG has incorporated a final project in the curriculum whereby the students are given an opportunity to extract and improve upon their skills. It is to be taken up in the sixth trimester. This gives the student a deeper understanding of the business world and practices.


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