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Mevalur Kuppam, Valarpuram Post, 602105, Tamil Nadu, India
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Mevalur Kuppam, Valarpuram Post, 602105, Tamil Nadu, India
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Sapthagiri College of Master of Computer Application is a separate independent Institutional Engineering College offer the most valuable, most prestigious and most sought after course MCA, Master of Computer Application. The magnificently great invention of the twentieth century leads man to the 21st century to a new wonderland of working miracle enthroning him on a new seat of power and command and elevating his status on the eye supreme. Computer is power driven machine of a purposel design, equipped with key board, electronic circuits, storage compartments and recording devices for the high speed performance of mathematical operations. Computer rivals the human mind, though never excels it; It marvels mankind and modernized every department of intellectual enquiry, and adds grace and glamour to human endeavor and enterprise. It fulfills human demands, gratifies his desires, and obviously finds a royal reception and welcome admittance into every office of accounting and administrative centers where it occupies a land able position. Computer has revolutionized man's thoughts, words and deeds by bringing in radical changes everywhere, remodeling words.

Reshaping his course of action and redirecting his steps Computer saves man's time and energy, shortens the distance between poles and even apart, connects all points of the world to the convenience of man, and connects man to distant realigns with which he intends to establish virtual contact. Man using his intellectual ingenuity and technical expertise men has added one more wonder to the world which he has lit long before. Computer helps him to estimate the real work of everything, provides a rationing as of things paid or received, gives rational explanation to higher to in explicable enigmatic events, aids him to probe into the past as well as to perfect forward into the future, to keep an adequate records of the present and assists him to anticipate the prospect. A Computer plays an immensely important role every where. Its forthright programming foretells the future events. It reduces man's workload, frees him from excessive straining and literates him to attend to some other useful works. Man has computer to do all his thinking for him.

Man applies computer to precise assessment of everything, quickly and coherently, empowers man to make a logical study of arrangement and magnitude using self consistent symbols. The study of computer which employs numbers and symbols, upon which the human communication depends with which man rules the world as an unquestioned monarch, cultivates the reasons , gives grasp and power to mind and improves it, prepares us for a state of certainties which never exist, fixes and sharpens wit, acts as remedy and cure for many defects in the wit, and faculty of individuals; while mathematics describes the existing relationship of all that are present in four dimensional framework of the universe. Computer has emerged as an emperor of every knowledge of investigation without whose application all avenues of knowledge would appear as larine and trustiness without the magic touch and meaningful participation, mathematically designed and electrically operated computer no other single discipline would have its present glamour and beauty, future growth and perfection, universally of application and utilitarian value including biology.

The Computer which creates an order and follows it; this order is the sanity of mind, the health of the body, the peace of the city and the security of the state. This order created by Computer is a lovely nymph, the child of beauty and wisdom, her attendants and comfort, neatness and activity, her abode is the valley of happiness.

MCA is three year PG Course; it enriches one's knowledge in industry and contribute much to man's ability to manage the administrative offers.

The members of the staff of the department from H.O.D to every lecturer are all highly qualified and widely experienced specialized either in software or Hardware. Their research aptitudes are refreshingly rewarding. The MCA lab is well furnished and purposely equipped with all the necessary systems made up to date.

Here the students are taught the latest techniques of the software global importance and they are trained well to had and guide the successive sensation in the computer technology.

All the rooms are spacious, ventilated and well furnished with all the modern equipment and teaching aids and providing good atmosphere. The students find guide at home use in the college. The Computer labs are fully air conditioned and dust free. The College literary has a wonder collection of text books reference books Journals, and periodicals

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