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Bijapur (Karnataka)
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Ashram Road,, 586103

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Career opportunities in computer science and information technology are at their zenith in recent years. However, the rapid pace of development in this field makes today's innovations lose their aura of technological sublime tomorrow. Computer Science and Information Science Engineering education is long lasting and provides those underpinnings that enable students to learn "how to learn" and to "think" logically so that they have knowledge upon demand. In general, students who have graduated from college make the best fit in the corporate world and during lean economic periods, students with the best credentials will prevail.

The Department started in 1986, offers high quality academic programs consistent with the role of a regional public university. Students are encouraged to develop skills in problem solving, independent study and critical thinking, and are encouraged to adapt knowledge to new situations and apply it to the benefit of society.

The department has an excellent Computer Centre. The teaching faculty is well-qualified and experienced consisting of practicing Software engineers, who give a practical perspective to theory.

The Computer Centre provides advanced computing facilities to the academic and administrative sections of the college. It plays a vital role in keeping the institute at the cutting edge of Information Technology. In helping to conduct and support application development projects and other services, the Centre meets the high-end requirements of the students' curriculum.

The Centre is housed in a state-of-the-art infrastructure with over 150 personal computers connected to the Internet, Intel based multi-user UNIX system, Novell Netware LAN, Windows NT Netware, Silicon Graphics Work Station etc. The Centre also has latest Softwares, which include different Language Compilers, Operating Systems, Visual Studios and Packages for academic and administrative purposes.


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