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Kolkata (West Bengal)
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1, Kshudiram Bose Sarani, Kolkata-700004, 700004

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The department is actively engaged in teaching and patient care activities since its inception. Presently radiotherapy services offered to the patients through Theratron 780E external beam machine and HDR Brachytherapy through Bebig miniature cobalt source. Three dimensional treatment planning is regularly done for radical treatment. Every year 1500 new patients consult this department for treatment. New patients are usually registered on referral after pathological confirmation of neoplasm/malignancy. Presently the department has the comprehensive set up for treatment of various cancers in combination with surgery and chemotherapy.

Facilities/ Services available:

* O.P. D runs from Monday through Saturday.
* 40 bedded indoor wings along with 8 cabins are available for treating critically ill cancer patients and also to treat radically in a planned way.
* Day care chemotherapy facility is available

Radiation therapy facility:

* External beam therapy is given with sophisticated Theratron 780E Telecobalt machine.
* Theraplan Plus 3D Treatment planning system is available. 3D Treatment planning is regularly done for radical treatment.
* HDR Brachytherapy machine with miniature cobalt source will be installed in January 2010
* 3D Treatment planning for Brachytherapy will be done on regular basis by Topslane 3D Treatment planning system
* Accessories are available for fixing head & neck during treatment with thermoplastic material.


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