MDS Oral Medicine and Radiology

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Vani Road, Mhasrul, 422004, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
Vani Road, Mhasrul, 422004, Maharashtra, India
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Course Contents
Paper I:
Applied Anatomy
1. Gross anatomy of the face:
a. Muscles of Facial Expression and Muscles of Mastication
b. Tempero Mandibular Joint
c. Facial nerve
d. Facial artery
e. Facial vein
f. Major and Minor salivary glands
2. Neck region:
a. Triangles of the neck with special reference to Carotid, Digastric triangles and
midline structures
b. Facial spaces
c. Carotid system of arteries, Vertebral Artery, and Subclavian arteries
d. Jugular systemInternal jugular
External jugular
e. Lymphatic drainage
f. Cervical plane
g. Muscles derived from Pharyngeal arches
h. Endocrine glands
i Sympathetic chain
j. Cranial nerves- V, VII, IX, XI, & XII.
3. Oral Cavity:
a. Vestibule and oral cavity proper
b. Tongue and teeth
c. Palate -soft and hard
4. Nasal Cavity
a. Nasal septum
b. Lateral wall of nasal cavity
5. Pharynx:
6. Paranasal air sinuses
Gross salient features of brain and spinal cord with references to attachment of
cranial nerves to the brainstem
Detailed study of the cranial nerve nuclei of V, VII, IX, X, XI, XII
Osteology: Comparative study of fetal and adult skull
Mandible: Maxilla frontal temporal & zygomatic bones.
Development, ossification, age changes and evaluation of mandible in detail
1. Development of face, palate, nasal septum and nasal cavity, paranasal air
2. Pharyngeal apparatus in detail including the floor of the primitive pharynx
3. Development of tooth in detail and the age changes
4. Development of salivary glands
5. Congenital anomalies of face must be dealt in detail.
6. Development of the tongue.
1. Study of epithelium of oral cavity and the respiratory tract

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