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We are the group of Professionals, thriving to get a new era of professionalism in the most respectable (Media) Industry, which is leading the nations close or far, or the fourth pillar of the democracy. We are all full of experience and have spent a lot of our time to serving Media Industry and advocate some revolutionary changes in this esteemed industry, by which the newcomers could become more professional and more responsible. We have come out on the mission to curve the newcomers with our vast experience and forfeit.

We want the new professionals more skillful aware of more advance technology, full of ethical, journalistic, and social values. Our motto is to provide a new angle of vision to the next inheritors to think broad, make big goals.

The people associate with us are the big names in the national or international media and our motto are ready to shape the new beginners with their knowledge, experience and their vast connections which can help beginners to get them establish.

Media Gurukul