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Medical yoga is a blend of ‘Modern Science’ and ‘Hatha Yog’. From Science we use advance diagnosis techniques like- M.R.I, X rays, blood tests,ultrasound, C.T scans etc. which give us a clear picture of the underlying problem.
From ‘Hath - Yog’ we use Yogasanas.
On the basis of reports we design a special sequence of 5 or 6 modified Hatha-Yogasanas for the patient.
These asanas are very easy and comfortable. These are done with the help of specially designed Yoga-Props like Yoga Ropes Yoga Belts, Yoga chairs, Yoga benches etc.

The founder director of medical yoga centres is Dr. Deepak Sachdeva
He has done his education from the world's finest institution in therapeutic yoga, situtated in pune, India. He has been awarded with honorary degree of doctorate in the field of alternative medicines. His contribution to the society is widely appriciated by everyone and thus he has been awarded by the chief minister of New Delhi.

Dr Deepak Sachdeva and his MEDICAL YOGA Centers are a well known name in the field of therapeutic yoga. Patients from all over the world are now coming to these centres to get rid of their pains and find solutions to their acute and chronic problems.
Today he has three Centres for MEDICAL YOGA in New Delhi where thousands of patients have already been successfully treated and hundreds of other patients are improving.

Medical Yoga Centre