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MEdRC was set up in 1993 at Hyderabad, to help doctors teach and learn medicine making full use of computer graphics and multimedia technologies.

What started as a center to develop audio-visual aids at low cost for seminars, lectures and CME Programs, has evolved into an ambitious project that aims to significantly enhance the existing infrastructure and quality of medical & healthcare education through emerging digital technologies.

MEdRC’s initial efforts are aimed at developing an exhaustive library of digitally archived e-Lectures by “Master Teachers” encompassing the entire undergraduate medical curriculum and for continuing medical education.

Over the past 12 months, MEdRC has been identifying a “dream faculty” – one that includes the “Who’s Who” of medical education from India and abroad. Over 700 teachers have been nominated by heads of departments across all medical specialties and colleges, from all over India.

On invitation, they have been coming to MEdRC’s television studios where dedicated production teams have been digitally recording their lectures.

A team of doctors and technologists work together at MEdRC to create multimedia elements that enhance these lectures.

MEdRC has an excellent medical illustration team which works on various reference diagrams provided by the faculty to create original medical graphics.

For concepts that need to be explained using animation, the Flash team develops interactive learning objects that prov

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