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MEUFITEC has been involved in corporate training for over 8 years. During these years we have trained on site a large number of professionals, giving them the tools and knowledge for their career development. In 2011 MEUFITEC is facing a new challenge: the launching of online and distance education courses in business administration. In these courses we have collected our training experience, with the help of a great team of academic partners.
In an attempt to offer the right training to each individual, we have developed Master programmes at several levels, for a diverse geografical public.

Advantages of studying here

In the current business environment, executive training has taken a new meaning. The classic graduate education systems have been partially displaced by more flexible and relevant training system. In this new context, online and distance education become more important, since it can be adjusted to the new times and the availability of the students.

In MEUFITEC we have designed modern business administration courses in several levels, according to the training needs of the student.

Areas of specialisation

Business administration


Private institute providing at work training, Institute training, and online and distance education training in business.