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MINDMASTERS is a centre for research and development of behaviour technology engaged in the process of evolving better ways of human communication and wholesome behavioural development in individuals and groups.
“Be the change you want to see”, is the essence of the programme, effectively conveyed by Dr. Abraham.
Priya Manohar, TBS Publications, Kozhikode
We have developed a set of training programmes addressing the needs of different segments of human society: family, professionals, corporates, educational establishments and sports institutions.

These programmes are based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a behaviour technology evolved by Dr Richard Bandler and Prof. John Grinder. They enable you to change, replace or adapt behaviours that you desire and help shape your mental, emotional and physical well being.
The NLP sessions were extremely beneficial for me as I recognized my inner self and my weaknesses that had formed a barrier to my natural state. Thank you for removing the mask of fear and weakness from my face. Now I feel empowered with knowledge since I have now LEARNED to understand MYSELF!
M.S. , Academic Staff College , Trivandrum

It is a pragmatic technology which can enhance an individual’s inherent ability to produce the desired outcome. This would enable you to create a future that you really want!

MindMasters have been conducting training programmes in several business organizations, academic institutions and social groups since 19