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is an Research firm, which adopts a techno-funda approach in Equity analysis. We follow both the basic approaches to equity research i.e."fundamental analysis" and the "technical analysis." As a Fundamental analyst they study the various factors that affect the stock prices. First we study the economic factors like interest rates, inflation, national income, political factors etc. Then we study the particular industry to which the company belongs. It could be steel, cement, information technology, pharmaceuticals etc. Ultimately, the financial and other aspects of the particular company are studied.
As a technical analyst, we study the price movements of the particular company's stock in the market. We strongly believe that the price movements follow a trend and by identifying the trend,we accurately predict the price that might occur in future. We use financial tools with software support.
Ourr client base includes various Corporate, HNI's & Retail Investors. We also give stock recommendations by our service of Newsletters & SMS alerts.

Mission & Vision

Our aspires to bridge the gap between learners and trainers by making technical training affordable. We do this by employing our unique and Vertual Online training system. Research Mantra distinguishes itself as a nucleus for generating skilled and trained professionals, who are rightly aligned and equipped to cater to the growing needs of skilled technicians for growing Indian & major world stock markets.With th

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