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Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
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A 3/1, Anoli Complex, 28 sunrise park, vastrapur

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CCNA R&S , BGP , OSPF etc detail outline protocols

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Mahinder  Singh

Mahinder Singh

Senior Trainer


Course programme

MPLS Fundamentals

  • Explain basic core MPLS technology and concepts
  • Explain the function of MPLS Labels and Label Stack
  • Identify MPLS Applications

MPLS Operation

  • Describe the characteristics and behaviors of Label Distribution in Frame-mode MPLS
  • Explain Convergence in Frame-mode MPLS
  • Describe the characteristics and behaviors of Label Distribution over LC-ATM Interfaces and VC Merge
  • Describe the features of MPLS Label Allocation, Distribution, and Retention Modes
  • Explain the process of LDP Neighbor Discovery

Frame-Mode/Cell-Mode MPLS Implementation, Configuration and Troubleshooting

  • Identify the functions of CEF Switching
  • Explain and configure Frame-mode MPLS on Cisco IOS platforms
  • Monitor MPLS on Cisco IOS platforms - Frame-mode interfaces
  • Troubleshoot Frame-Mode MPLS configurations on Cisco IOS Platforms
  • Explain and configure Label-Controlled ATM MPLS
  • Explain and configure LC-ATM MPLS over ATM Virtual Path
  • Monitor LC-ATM MPLS on Cisco IOS platforms

MPLS Virtual Private Networks Technology

  • Describe the characteristics and functions of Virtual Private Networks
  • Describe Overlay and Peer-to-Peer VPNs
  • Explain Major VPN Categorization
  • Describe MPLS VPN Architecture
  • Describe the MPLS VPN Routing Model
  • Explain the process of MPLS VPN Packet Forwarding

MPLS VPN Implementation, Configuration and Troubleshooting

  • Explain MPLS VPN Mechanisms supported on Cisco Platforms
  • Configure VRF tables
  • Configure MP-BGP Session between PE routers
  • Configure Small Scale Routing Protocols
  • Monitor MPLS VPN Operation
  • Configure OSPF as the Routing Protocol
  • Configure BGP as the Routing Protocol
  • Troubleshoot basic MPLS VPN configuration errors

Complex MPLS VPNs

  • Describe the advanced VRF Import/Export Features
  • Explain the characteristics of Overlapping VPNs
  • Explain the features of Central Services VPNs
  • Describe Managed CE Router Service

Internet Access from a MPLS VPN

  • Explain VPN Internet Access Topologies
  • Describe VPN Internet Access Implementation Methods
  • Describe the methods to Separate Internet Access from VPN Service
  • Internet Access Backbone as a Separate VPN


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