MSc (Mathematics and Computing) Programme:Number Theory and Cryptography

Thapar University
In Patiala

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Location Patiala
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Thapar University P.O Box 32, 147004, Punjab, India
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Starts On request
Thapar University P.O Box 32, 147004, Punjab, India
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Course programme

Semester I

Real Analysis – I
Linear Algebra
Complex Analysis
Fundamentals of Computer Science and C Programming
Discrete Mathematical Structure
Differential Equations

Semester II

Real Analysis –II
Advanced Abstract Algebra
Computer Oriented Numerical Methods
Data Structures
Data Based Management Systems
Operating Systems

Semester III

Computer Based Optimization Techniques
Computer Networks

Semester IV

Functional Analysis

Number Theory and Cryptography

Divisibility: Greatest common divisor, Fundamental theorem of Arithmetic, Congruence, Residue classes and reduced residue classes, Euler’s theorem, Fermat’s theorem, Wilson Theorem, Chinese Remainder theorem with applications.

Polynomial Congruences: Primitive roots, Indices and their applications, Quadratic residues, Legendre Symbol, Euler’s criterion, Gauss’s Lemma, Quadratic reciprocity law, Jacobi symbol.

Arithmetic Functions: Mobius inversion formula, Diophantine equations x2 + y2 = z2 and its applications to xn + yn = zn when n = 4.

Farey Series: Continued fractions, approximations of reals by rationals, Pell’s equation

Introduction to Cryptography: Encryption schemes, cryptanalysis, Block ciphers, stream ciphers, Affine ciphers, DES and AES algorithms,

Public Key Encryption: RSA cryptosystem, Rabin Encryption, Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, ElGamal Encryption, Cryptographic Hash functions,

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