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New Delhi
Spin Gurus DJ & Remixing Academy A-7, Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura, Delhi, India
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Digital music is music that employs electronic musical instruments and electronic music technology in its production. In general a distinction can be made between sound produced using electromechanical means and that produced using electronic technology. Today electronic music includes many varieties and ranges from experimental art music to popular forms such as electronic dance music.

Making music should be as easy as powering up a computer, loading up a powerful piece of music software, and getting down to business. And it is. Reason version 4 is a virtual studio rack with all the tools and instruments you need to turn your ideas into music. And it's more than just a set of excellent synths and effects. It's a complete music system. Step into the age of Reason

Course Contents (Ableton) :
System requirements & soundcards for Ableton Live
The Ableton interface: Session & Arrangement views
Working with clips and scenes
Loading files from the browser

Audio in Ableton Live
The "elastic audio" concept
Warping audio clips
Warping entire tracks and creating loops
Playback algorithms and clip envelopes

Making Beats with Ableton Live
MIDI recording in Ableton Live
Making beats using Impulse instrument
Making beats using Drum Racks
Adding groove and swing to your rhythm track

MIDI instruments
MIDI controllers and setting them up (MIDI mapping)
Creating bass and lead sounds with VSTi
Using MIDI effects -arpeggiator, chord, midi cascade
MIDI recording, editing and overdubbing

Arranging your track
Manipulating clips in Session view
Structuring your track in the Arrangement view
Using automation and controllers
Consolidating audio. Using freeze/ flatten tracks
Launch options: Using legato and follow action functions

Remix & Mashup techniques
Sampling law and copyright
Sourcing accapellas and samples
Cleaning and editing samples
Warping accapellas

Routing & Rewire
Advanced MIDI Routing
Advanced audio routing
Multitrack recording
Utilising Rewire with Reason

Mixing your Track
Setting up your mix environment
Balancing and panning your sounds
Guide to frequency ranges
Utilising EQ to create separation in the mix
Creative use of effects (delay, reverb, distortion etc.)

Course Contents (Reason) :

Introduction and Setup
System Requirements
How to optimise Reason for your computer and soundcard

Using Refills
An explanation of the Refill concept
Where to source Refills and how to load them
Learn to create your own sound libraries

Overview of Reason Devices and the Rack
What each feature in Reason is for
Hardware Interface / Mixer / Effects
Sends and inserts
Redrum/Dr Rex/Malström/Subtractor

Introduction to pattern based drum programming
Classic drum machine techniques
Programming 16 step beats in a range of styles
How to use of swing /shuffle to add feel to your beats

The DR:Rex
Introduction to the DR Rex Player
Creative editing: pitch, panning, volume and filtering
Learn use of quantize function
Modulation: manipulate pitch, panning and filter effects

Explains the basics of subtractive synthesis
Subtractor: A powerful virtual analogue synth
Create synth patches including bass, lead and effect

Matrix Pattern sequencer
Learn the Matrix to create an ‘acid' style bassline
Using the Matrix to control other devices

NN19/NNXT Samplers
Introduction to both NN19 and NNXT samplers in Reason
Creation of multisampled patches
Real-time control of filters

Vocoder & Other effects
How to use all the key effects in Reason
Reverb, Distortion, Vocoder, EQ, Compressor and Delay
How to sweeten up a mix with effects
How automation can be used to liven up effects
How to create a vocoder vocal melody

Mixing & Mastering
Use of compression
Using EQ to improve the balance of individual elements
How to configure Reason as a mastering setup

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