‘NABCO’ main-engine manoeuvring & control course

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Typology Course
Location Mumbai
Duration 5 Days
  • Course
  • Mumbai
  • Duration:
    5 Days

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201,'SIGMA' Technology Street Hiranandani Gardens Powai , 400076, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
201,'SIGMA' Technology Street Hiranandani Gardens Powai , 400076, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

This program is performed on a "N.A.B.C.O." complete assignment chief Engine Controlling simulators.
It consists of the Bridges & Engine Controlling Room console, the Digital Governors, an imitate chief Engines & the whole pneumatic circuits & parts concerned in Starts, Reverse Stop & Control the chief Engines. It also covers a board from where numerous probable "fault" can be fashioned. In observation of the possible penalty of a chief Engine not starting or reversing, it is necessary that all marine engineer be well-known with starting or reversing pneumatic circuit & are capable to trouble-shoot fault logically.
The program is planned to attain precisely these targets. In addition concentrated pneumatic M.E control circuits study & rehearsal on especially intended circuit drawing, the program covers a widespread corporeal trouble-shooting sessions in which fault which are "inserted" into the starting or reversing pneumatic circuits have to be logically analysed & resolved by the candidates. Some other characters of the Controls, Security & Governor system are also treated with in particular. Breaching up the Governor motors to "verify or restore" the carbon brush (a widespread reason for troubles) is also conceded out.
Program Target:
The target of the program is to:
· modify the candidates to distinguish pneumatic parts & study or realize pneumatic circuit.
· modify engineer to function the 'Nabco' control systems in an accurate & secured manners.
· modify the candidates to analyse fault in the chief-engine steering systems & trouble-shoot them logically & expeditiously
· Fosters study through sharing of experience among candidates
The program is suitable for:
Management & Functional stages Engineer & Electrical Officer.

Program Syllabus:
· Pneumatic part symbol & port nomenclatures (I.S.O. 5599)
· Intensive pneumatic circuits trace of the B & W M.C type chief Engines
· Candidates 'draws' the above circuits in different stages of the M.E
· 'N.A.B.C.O.' valve panels familiarity
· Detail explanations of the Bridges & E.C.R. Controls, Security & Governor console.
· Controls or Safety systems signal flows & 10 major data for the same
· M.E operations 'Flow Charts' read - for Normal Starts, Crash Asterns, Racing trips & others
· Governor actuator detail - Follow-ups or Non Follow-ups & breaking up for carbon brushes inspections or renewals
· Wide hands-on trouble-shooting exercise on the simulators - candidates coached in technique to analyse the faults & trouble-shoot logically
· Out-line of Governor systems - diverse mode of operations & governor behaviours in these mode, the speed signals limiter function & others.
· Detail Pneumatic circuits trace of the Sulzer R.T.A. type chief Enginesw

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