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Nandha College of Nursing is one of the premiers self-financing Academic Institutions dedicated to leadership, social welfare and excellence by quality education.
The college has very well maintained safety conscious campus situated in a spacious in a calm and serene atmosphere with salubrious climate. The campus enjoy pollution free cool breeze at all times. The college is open to students of all castes, creeds, religions and regions.
The programme framed as per Indian Nursing Council norms and syllabus. Initially, the focus will be on the practice of fundamentals of Nursing, but as the student gains experience and confidence he/she will learn how to detect deviations from the normal health and to deal with emergencies as a part of a multi-disciplinary team, meant for promoting health and healing. They are taking care at national and global levels; students are highly trained to work in clinical environments both at home and abroad by registering themselves in the Nursing Council.

Nandha College of Nursing