Narayana's All India Test Series-IIT-JEE

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Head Office Narayana Institute Of Correspondence Courses, Head Office:3-5-598 , Vittalwadi , Narayanaguda


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XIIth studying and XIIth pass students

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Course programme

An outstanding Test Series consists of well-balanced questions based on the IIT-JEE pattern. Students from all over India participate in this Series, to compete on a national platform.The students will be exposed to a series of All India Micro Schedule Test covering the entire syllabus of IIT-JEE.In each Test students will be provided with All India rank and Micro & Macro Analysis.Narayana's All India Test series combines with Narayana's extremely strong Micro Schedule Test set(25 Tests along with hints & solutions) makes ths programme one of the best testing and feedback programme in offer by any institute.

No student's IIT-JEE preparation can be considered complete without a good Test-Series.
As a part of Narayana's Micro Schedule Test Series Students will be given more than 25 Micro Schedule practice papers along with hints & solutions, so that they can check their preparation level by themselves.These tests are Scheduled according to the CBSE School syllabus. This Test Series makes this Programme one of the best testing & feed back Programme offer by any institute.

The students will be exposed to a series of 12 tests covering the entire syllabus of IIT-JEE. Out of these 12 tests 6 tests are part test & 6 full syllabus tests on the pattern of IIT-JEE. Special care has been taken to ensure that these tests will resemble IIT-JEE papers in every possible aspect, including level of difficulty and variety of questions.

In each test students will be provided with All India Rank and Micro & Macro level Analysis.

Micro-level Analysis: This computerized question-wise analysis highlights both the weak and the strong areas in your learning. It points out the way for effective preparation in the future and tells you about the topics which require more attention. For every question in every objective-type test, you will be informed as to what percentage of students appearing in the examination attempted the question and what percentage of them solved it correctly.

Macro-level Analysis: This compares your performance with that of other students across the country. It indicates your overall position as well as subject-wise position among all the students participating across India. We will give you your subject-wise marks, total marks, subject-wise rank, overall rank, subject-wise percentile and overall percentile.

₹ 5,515 + VAT