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NSB was established by the promoters of NIILM Center for Management Studies, which is today ranked among the top twenty Business Schools in the country.

Advantages of studying here

We have introduced more elective courses to broad base our programs. Our approach to academics helps a student in his/ her self-development in all the aspects ranging from the growth of intellect to personality development. We make them most employable and at the same time empower them with a wide-array of social skills.We have an enviable track record of placing our graduating students with leading multinationals and trusted national companies. Our programs are also globally recognised and opens new avenues to further higher education elsewhere. We have a huge body of core and visiting faculty who are imparting both study and life skills. We take pride in their rich experience in teaching and managing industry.At NSB, we will help you to develop a broad corporate perspective to integrate and coordinate actions across functional and organizational boundaries. We provide you with time for introspection and self-assessment, enabling you to improve your managerial & leadership skills. Ultimately you will become a more effective business professional ready to capitalize on new opportunities in the global marketplace. Our secure and nurturing environment is ideal for developing both personal & practical skills. In brief, students who see their management studies as a stepping stone to global business career will find that NSB meets their goals and objectives.The Difference: The big difference between NSB and esteemed others is our attention to detail, utility, and relevance. We provide instructional help to students throughout the program. The academic delivery of NSB simulates a workplace as we orient students on the real life projects and prepare them for the eventualities that they are likely to face during the course of their job. Hence, for a tomorrow's manager there seems to be no academic alternative other than NSB!


NSB is one of the fastest growing and innovative institutes committed to develop programs designed to equip wannabe managers with new age competence, clairvoyant vision and high levels of integrity. NSB has dedicated itself to the excellence in management education. At NSB we dedicate our intellectual resources to advancing the frontiers of business knowledge and educating future leaders. In a global, culturally diverse and technologically advanced social arena, characterized by rapid change and complex interdependencies, we aim to empower businesses and their leaders to understand and address the far-reaching changes affecting the world. The guiding principal is commitment to provide an excellent quality management education, social welfare and intellectual growth. We understand that the success in education requires the Institution to be up-to-date in its offering of programs, in-depth research, and selective contents. NSB courses are designed in consultation with leading business professionals and renowned management experts with a view to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Its close connections with industry, dedicated faculty and its students with diverse background coming from all parts of the country makes it a distinct and unique management institute. The program is carefully structured to accelerate your personal & professional transformation. Immersed in an intensive learning environment, you will examine new business frameworks, explore diverse perspectiv

NILM School of Business