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Location Bangalore
Duration 9 Months
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  • Bangalore
  • Duration:
    9 Months

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24x7 Learning Pvt. Ltd. No 20, Annaswamy Mudaliar Road, Ulsoor Lake, 560042, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
24x7 Learning Pvt. Ltd. No 20, Annaswamy Mudaliar Road, Ulsoor Lake, 560042, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

This program is suitable for those who has completed their graduation, & who are seeking employment soon. The classes are held on blended format. ELearning based & interactive session that helps the student understands & applies the lessons educated.
Program Contents:
SB English is a helpful tools to improve communication skill among those students who knows English but hesitates to communicates in English.
This program is planned to help the students familiarize them with the fundamentals of communicating effectively in the language & remove regional influence.
This program is for those students who have the knowledge of English and study English as a second language, those who known the fundamental of English but not that proficient to use English effectively students who speak English that is inclined by regional elements such as accent, colloquialism and many more.
Students with no contact to foreign accents, there is no fundamental educational qualifications requirement for undergoing the SB English program.
SB English sections
SB English consist of 2 levels: level 1 and level 2.
Level one helps the student get familiar with the way English is spoken & helps him improves their vocabulary. By the end of Level one, the learner can start in fundamental English fluently.
Program Details:
Common teaching carry out by pictures Situation explain born out of day to day experience to make it simpler for learner to apply to real lives.
SB English Level student does not place any formal stress on grammar, thereby making the learning process easy and stress free for the learner.
The student moves from very fundamental vocabulary to more demanding level in a very slow manner & a lot of emphasis is put on listening & understanding skill.
The student gets a good contact to right pronunciation, thereby trained him for a more theoretical accepting of phonetics.
Level two introduce the learner to some basics of grammar & pronunciation to make sure that by the end of it, so that they can communicate easily in English.
Course Details
The course Level Two places high significance on pronunciation, intonations & modulates with jaw exercise & examples of incorrect pronunciation.
Colloquialisms & examples of incorrect pronunciations across region are highlight to make the learning process simpler for the learner. Grammatical mistake such as subject verbs agreement, article, degree of comparison, preposition & tense will be covered in this levels.
Students are also introducing to foreign accent at this stage to facilitate better compleiance of the same. The course focuses here is to make students to speak grammatically corrected Englishs with a neutral accents. After completing these levels students should be able to understand dissimilar foreign accents.
Scenario are chosen with care to ensuring skill in term of social & environmental awareness. Students will be taught the fundamental guidelines pertaining to GD & many more practical sessions which makes the presentations an effective & confident to present
Student understands the significance of the right intonation for effective communications & also understands the significancethe usage of right word in the right context for max impacts.
Advantages of the program
Students are trained in understandable English accent & grammar without unnecessary emphasis on awkward grammatical rule. The only solutions for eliminate MTI & ambiguous colloquialism.
Interested & easily identifiable scenario which make English learning a very enjoyable & familiar exercise; which can be tried on daily basis.
The AV learning technology with generic illustration & identifiable example make this course a effective & welcome solutions to learning English as compare to other option available.
The entire program also highlight which improves listening skill & comprehension of foreign accent.

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