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Art Therapy Diploma

Helen Woolstencroft

About the course: The course has been an eye opener so far. It is very interesting and I am really enjoying it! I would recommend it to friends and family!
Course taken: October 2020
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Nursing: Nurse Training Course


About the course: When I first conducted respiratory resuscitation on a patient who was gasping for air and I was able to revive him back.
Course taken: January 2020
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Nutrition Bundle

Sendhamiz Selvan SENDHAMIZ Selvan

About the course: Very good.
Course taken: August 2019
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Yoga Teacher Training

radha iyer

About the course: Very informative and useful for our body fitness.
Course taken: April 2019
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Fashion Styling for Women

Suniya Dulley

About the course: Good ambience, with great faculty... Nift is a best Institute for fashion.
Course taken: March 2019
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

CRM: Salesforce Masterclass

Joe Shawyer .

What I would highlight: I observed the CRM course to be exceptionally instructive and easy to understand. The learning I have increased, subsequent to finishing five point by point modules and a short exam, has given me a greatly improved comprehension of CRM and this self-awareness will help me to execute new procedures in the working environment. The whole course is accessible on request, prior and then afterward completion, which means you can go over each module until you are sufficiently certain to take the exam.
What could be improved: Nothing.
Course taken: April 2017
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Physiotherapy: A Complete Guide

Kenny Alfred

What I would highlight: The course was like you were actually doing clinical but though video and was a mixture of vocational education and real life, because the course was produced that way.
What could be improved: Well the least that I didn’t like was the lack of evidence needed to present to an institution like transcript of your learning and also a diploma that actually looks real.
Course taken: April 2017
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

CRM: Salesforce Masterclass

Esther Lawrence .

What I would highlight: I am so inspired with this course. For one thing it was immensely marked down which spared me cash, also it is truly simple to utilize. It is so natural to understand and the design is perfect, clear and exact. I have learnt such a great amount from this course as of now and I can even return to modules as and when I have to.
What could be improved: All good.
Course taken: December 2016
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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