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Location Trivandrum
Duration 1 Day
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  • Trivandrum
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3rd floor, Mullaserry Towers, Punnen Road, Vanross Junction, Palayam, Trivandrum , 695001, Kerala, India
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Starts On request
3rd floor, Mullaserry Towers, Punnen Road, Vanross Junction, Palayam, Trivandrum , 695001, Kerala, India
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Course programme

MULTIDATA conducts program on Office Automations & Internet for candidates, workers & corporation. This program effort to picture the candidate to a numeral of software equipments, and applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power-Point, Access, Outlook, & internet and email. The introduction is together in the lecture formats and practical. The length of this program must be up to two-months and should be performed according to the petite term curriculum. MULTIDATA conduct Certified & non-Certified programs for Office mechanization.

The main contents of the program are as described below:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft-Word is an easy yet influential word processing function, permitting to make documents and formats them as per the requirements. This short duration program exposes the applicants to many of the significant and influential characteristics of Microsoft-Word that are functional for their everyday work, along with various superior features that can assist them in reduction of their time. Approximately each operational individual desires to work with mail or documents. A huge preponderance of populace functioning with computers makes use of Microsoft-Word for managing their word-processing errands. Consequently, populaces crosswise function and athwart managerial hierarchies will advantage from this program.


Upon finishing point of this program, the contestants will be capable to:

• Apply format of their document
• Working with column and table
• Efficiently employ language characteristics, such as spell-check, thesaurus
• Using mail-merge for customizing standard letter
• Creating and using template


• Module-1: General idea of Basic-Word
• Module-2: Edit Tools
• Module-3: Format Documents
• Module-4: Tables
• Module-5: Advancement of Formatting Characteristics
• Module-6: Work with Huge Documents
• Module-7: Template
• Module-8: Mail-Merge
• Module-9: Protect Document
• Module-10: Use MS-Word with other Program
Microsoft Excel
This program is intended for administrative who are already recognizable with the fundamentals of Microsoft-Excel, and who would akin to work with more superior characteristics of Microsoft-Excel that assist in humanizing their competence of functioning with work-sheets, analyzing-data, making M.I.S. report, and automate a variety of errands. Executives and managers who have by now been using Microsoft-Excel, but now experience the requirement for learning more powerful characteristics and options of Excel, to handle their worksheet-related matters more professionally.


This superior level Excel teaching program will authorize the applicants to be capable to do the following:
• Perform multifaceted calculations more professionally, by means of a variety of Excel function.
• Organize and analyze huge volume of data.
• Create M.I.S. report.
• Design and use templates.
• Consolidate and manage data from numerous work-books.


• Module-1: General idea of the Basic
• Module-2: Work with Functions
• Module-3: Data-Validations
• Module-4: Work with Template
• Module-5: Sort and Filter Data
• Module-6: Work with Reports
• Module-7: More Function
• Module-8: Format
Microsoft Power Point
This single-day program assists the applicants to improve their presentation by means of Microsoft-PowerPoint. With easy but influential characters of Power-Point to draw, format, and animate, the candidate will study creation of impressive professional quality presentation. Approximately all the manager, executive, and secretary require to plan presentation for some reason or the other. This program is destined for any such individual who needs to study and master the capability of Microsoft-PowerPoint for generating presentations that create an impact on their spectators.


• Module-1: Get Commenced
• Module-2: Layout
• Module-3: Slide Formats
• Module-4: Special effect
• Module-5: The Drawings Toolbar
• Module-6: Custom Designs Templates
• Module-7: Deliver Presentation
Microsoft Access
This program is intended for managerial requiring to be recognizable with the fundamentals of data-base, and who would akin to work with further complex characteristics of Microsoft-Access that assist in civilizing their competence of functioning with data-bases, analyze data in data-base, create macros, create forms, database operations etc. Executive and manager who have previously been using Microsoft-Access, but at the present experience the requirement for knowledge of more influential characteristics and options of Microsoft-Access, to direct their database responsibilities more professionally.


• Module-1: Introducing to MS Access
• Module-2: Create tables
• Module-3: Create tables
• Module-4: Create easy queries by means of Q.B.E. grids
• Module-5: Prompt for assortment Criteria
• Module-6: create simple forms by means of Form-Wizards
• Module-7: beginning to macros
• Module-8: create reports
• Module-9: create graphs from data
Microsoft Outlook

This program is designed to assist to use the e-mail and preparation of application Microsoft-Outlook. The candidate will study to propel and collect emails and immediate messages and to administer interactions and contacts by means of Outlook. The candidate will also be taught to make use of the preparation component to organize appointment, meeting, and task. The candidate will be capable to customize the vision to variety, collection, filter, and look for items. Microsoft-Outlook is an influential individual information management curriculum, to professionally converse, timetable appointments and everyday jobs, record information and organizing files. In this program the person who reads will study about outlook fundamentals, communication with mail, organizing contacts, setting up with calendar, everyday jobs, observance of a journal and use of notes.


• Module-1: Layout distinction among Outlook - 2000 and Outlook – 2003
• Module-2: Novel characteristics in Outlook - 2003
• Module-3: Diverse Email Options
• Module-4: Work in off-line modes (Cached Exchange Modes)
• Module-5: Organize and Mandate E-mail
• Module-6: Work with Folder
• Module-7: Create Office as your Email
• Module-8: Create out of Office-Replies
• Module-9: Junk E-mail Filter
• Module-10: Archive of Folders
• Module-11: Contact
• Module-12: Calendar
• Module-13: Task
• Module-14: Share Folders (Inbox, Calendars, Task etc.)
Internet and E-Mail

The Internet is a universal, publicly easy to get to sequence of inter-connected computer network that transmits data by small package switching by means of the standard Internet Protocol (I.P.). It is a "network of networks" that consists of millions of lesser domestic, academics, trade, and government-networks, which jointly carry a variety of information and services, such as electronic-mail, online-chat, file-transfer, and the inter-linked web-pages and other resource of the World Wide Web (W.W.W.). The W.W.W. is a scheme of Internet servers that ropes hyper-text to right of entry several Internet protocols on a solitary interface. Approximately each protocol kind obtainable on the Internet is available on the Web.

MULTI-DATA offer Internet program for candidates, workers and corporate to set their requirements in I.T. Fields as well as other Office-Automation necessary firms. MULTIDATA provide realistic information in Internet, e-mail, chat, F.T.P., S.M.T.P., T.C.P./I.P., U.D.P., Tel-net etc. Introduction of search engines and its usage are also enclosed under this program. The curriculums about Internet include E-mail, F.T.P., Tel-net, and Use-net News. Further to these prospectus, the institute teaches regarding the fundamentals of ordinary WWW protocols such as Hyper-Text Transfer-Protocol, or H.T.T.P., S.M.T.P., T.C.P./I.P., U.D.P., Instant-Messaging & Chats.

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