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Contact: +91 – 8939 207070 / 96000 15474

We are Expert in Microsoft Office Training + Automation Solutions + Talent Search for more than 15 years.

We provide Real Time Scenario’s Training & Out-Of-Box / Creative Automation Solutions for Individual & Corporate clients across the globe.

About Our Training:
We have designed and developed our material which will cover the office requirements. The method of training we provide at OfficeTechWorld is exceptional with Real Time Scenario’s. At the time of training we provide one to one attention on each trainee where they can invite their mass doubts. This will help the trainee to develop and automate their daily job.

Our well designed and continuously developed training modules, delivery methodologies, our highly effective sessions and workshops have empowered people with knowledge.

About Our Automation:
We have experienced professionals from BPO, KPO, IT Industry and other Business units who will help with your requirement to automate the process.

We can develop/design Innovative and Out-of-box Solutions, Born from unimaginable perspectives, out-of-box for your Unique and Uncommon Problems. We are also experts in Audit, Investigation, Executive Services, Internal Control Design, Computers, Programming Languages, and Design & Development of Automation Solutions.

Our Customers are highly benefited with our Solutions (Eg.) Huge Cost-Saving, TAT reduced significantly, Lead Huge Productivity, Improved High Accuracy, Process Optimization, Manual Process Automated, Avoid Data Loss, Cost Effective and Customized Solution and many more.

Our Services:
• Professional & Advanced Excel Training
• Excel VBA and Macro Training
• Advanced PowerPoint and Presentation Skill Training
• Dynamic Dashboard Training and Automation Solution with Dropdown, Scroll Bar, Check Box, Multi Sheet etc
• Email Embedded Automation, Database Programming, Data Manipulation and Conversion, Data Cleansing, Data Mining and Forecasting, Data Integration
• Automated Report Generation, Process Review Improvement and Lean, Data Audit
• Data Extraction from Web
• Outlook based Application Tool
• Automation on Data populate in exe Program/Web Form
• Software Automation for Billing, Product History Using User Form
• Executive /Talent Search