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    Barcelona (Spain)

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Official Master in Business-related Research Business under review, official Master

Official Master with a dual-orientation: investigative and professional, for in-depth of the different fields composing business: production or operational management, human resources management, accounting and financial management, commercial management or general strategic management. Classes are taught in English and Spanish.



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Barcelona (Spain)
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OctoberEnrolment now open

About this course

You must have a European university bachelor's degree or equivalent; if obtained outside the EU it must be accredited. Students from any specialisation may access the Master, but priority will be given to graduates with degrees in economics and business.

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  • Foundations of Research
  • Quantitative Methods for Research
  • Strategic Management
  • Operational Management
  • Business Management Systems
  • Methodological Foundations of Research
  • Internationalisation Strategies
  • SME management
  • Management of Financial Risks

Course programme

Mandatory courses
  • Methodological Foundations of Research in Business Management I
  • Quantitative Methods for Research in Business Management I
Optional courses
  • Research in Strategic
  • Research in Operations Management
  • Business Management Systems
  • Optimal and Strategic Decisions for the Enterprise
  • Introduction to Accounting Research
  • Research in Financial Statement Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Research in Entrepreneurship
  • The Contemporary Business Economics
  • Introduction to Marketing Research
  • New Trends in Marketing Research
  • Stochastic Finance
  • Innovation in Business and Competitiveness
  • Internationalization Strategies
  • Design, Operation and Interpretation Opinion Surveys to Employers
  • Management Control for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Fundamentals of Management and Human Resources Management
  • Globalization and the Long Term Business
  • Advanced Research in Marketing
  • Marketing Decision Making
  • Financial Risk Management

Research in Business

₹ 248,919.99 VAT incl.

*Indicative price

Original amount in EUR:

2,760 €