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    Lleida (Spain)

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Official Master's degree in health research in Lleida Official University Master's degree

Official Master's degree focused on research and lasting one year. You have the option of taking the course semi-remotely while you work or to enrolling part-time over 2 years. It is targeted at professionals in the health sector: nurses, physiotherapeutists, psychologists, doctors, nutritionists and dieticians.



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Lleida (Spain)
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Start date

OctoberEnrolment now open

About this course

European bachelor's degree or equivalent, accredited if obtained outside the EU.

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  • Quantitative research in health
  • Qualitative research in health
  • Research data analysis
  • Healthy aging
  • Clinical research and epidemiology
  • Critical research in health

Course programme

The official Master's degree is made up of two modules. The first is compulsory and is an introduction to the scientific methodology and tools that permit research in health. The second module is made up of optional subjects and depends on the chosen speciality:
  • Itinerary A: Healthy aging
  • Itinerary B: Clinical research and epidemiology
  • Itinerary C: Critical research in health

Research in Health

₹ 242,859.16 VAT incl.

*Indicative price

Original amount in EUR:

2,748 €