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    Barcelona (Spain)

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Official Master's degree in planning for current society at the UPC Official University Master's degree at the UPC

Official two-year Master's degree that aims to reinsert planning into the whirlpool of social change provoked by the information era. Planning that is not foreign to the growing complexity of urban phenomena, supported by experts in urban research, town and country planning and urban design.



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Barcelona (Spain)
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About this course

European bachelor's degree or equivalent (Architecture, Engineering, etc.) which must be accredited if it was obtained at a university not belonging to the European Educational Space.

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  • Town planning and urban studies
  • 150 years of town planning and transforming cities
  • The formation and crisis of the Barcelona model
  • METRO. Metropolis
  • Explosion of the city
  • Latin America and cities
  • Contemporary residential urban project
  • Territorial identity and extreme developments
  • Public spaces
  • Landscape and structure
  • Inclusive town planning. Theory and project
  • Mobility and the city (Barcelona as an example)

Course programme

There is a document with a full list of subjects and their ECTS credit value with this information.

The research possibilities that this official postgraduate course offers are:
  • City and planning theory
  • Town and country project
  • Urban project
  • Cultural landscapes
  • Landscape form and structure
  • Public spaces and models
  • Town and country project and analysis. Form and Structure.

Additional information

The master's degree price for foreign students non residents in Spain and non nationals from EU is € 76,65 per credit ECTS. Year 2013-2014.

Town planning

₹ 520,274 VAT incl.

*Indicative price

Original amount in EUR:

6,132 €