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Eleven years ago, we had a thought- to create a benchmark IT institute for the country and the world. Today as Asia, and in particular India Information Technology supremacy, we at the DUCAT are proud to contribute our part as the architects of creating IT Professionals for the world.

What began as an idea is now an acknowledged institution for quality learning. This is an outcome of the various facets that give the DUCAT its characteristic value the faculty, enterprising students, academic affiliations, facilities and industry partnerships.

While the world accepts the DUCAT`s status we silently reinforce our commitment of being the cornerstone for research-oriented learning. Combine that with a strong focus on becoming one of the world`s top ranked IT Institute, and we`ve defined our role and our challenge for the years ahead.

I invite you to associate with us in our effort to sustain knowledge and wisdom for the world.

OM Kreations