Online course in Molecular Modeling and Drug Desgining

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R.Yuvasravana Roddam
What I would highlight I attended this online course and found it very useful. If any of you are interested you can contact me for further details. Thanking you, yuvasravana

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Dr. Vishwakiran Yanamandra
Dr. Vishwakiran Yanamandra
Senior Scientist

Worked as Senior Scientist at Piramal Life Sciences Ltd., Mumbai in the areas of Drug Discovery research using Insilico methods Homology Modeling, Docking, Pharmacophore/QSAR. During the tenure we have successfully completed Target to Hit project and Hit to Lead project in the area of Cancer and Signaling. This was purely based on structure and ligand guided molecular design. Work experience in Kinases, Proteases and GPCRs.

Course programme

The course is usually of 45 days duration and includes practicals on these topics. The duration may extend another 10 days depending on my availability everyday at the same time. I am making a summary of all the topics which I cover during the course.

The major topics include basics of Molecular modelling like Molecular mechanics, Quantam mechanics, Molecular dynamics simulations Monte carlo methods Ab initio, DFT and MM+ calculations and their applications.( Using Hyperchem software usually)

Protein homology modelling (using spdbv, MOE and Modeller softwares), Structure based drug designing (Virtual screeing and Molecular docking using MOE, GOLD and Autodock Tools), Ligand based drug designing (QSAR and Pharmacophore modelling), Searching chemical databases, 3D Pharmacophore generation Molecular Similarity and Diversity

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