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Our mission is to enable companies achieve a higher degree of excellence through building of visionary and strategic perspectives of top management teams, and providing of effective operational solutions to client systems.

There are a set of simple fundamental statements which underlie all the work we do. We believe that:
A wholistic approach is better than a partial one.
Alignment of people to visionary, strategic and operational excellence holds the key to success and sustainability.
Evolution is better than revolution.
Strategic excellence is built on operational excellence
Simple solutions , implemented well are better than complex ones
Success is also measured by obstacles overcome and problems solved.
The success of a process lies in its practice.

Advantages of studying here

- Provide professional grooming to be a qualifies consultant
- Helps achieve mastery in your domain of experience
- empower you to attain your full potential
- Top class faculty to offer practical tips on building professional
brand equity
- Show the path for you to grow from a mere consultant to a
thought leader
- Impart the skills and competencies required to enhance your
clients business
- Sharpen your consulting acumen
- Personal mentors provided as per your current domain

Areas of specialisation

Professional Development, HR & OD interventions, Consulting for Higher Education and Business Strategy.


Corporate Strategy and Human Resources is the key to building businesses that are vibrant, competitive and well integrated. Sustaining and growing businesses that endure over the long term and delight in the short term is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies in today’s context. Open Spaces Consulting has been set up by management professionals to meet the needs of companies today for transforming organisations and meeting these challenges.

At Open Spaces we believe that People and Strategy come first in any business. Almost all business issues can be worked with at these two levels. Success comes from building perspectives that move the organization forward and up the evolutionary path and also comes through implementing solutions to problems that arise in the normal course of business. There is a role to be played by external consultants who bring an objective point of view, in the facilitation of such perspectives and solutions. We see ourselves as partners with our clients in their growth and development

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