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Operational risk modeling helps in measuring, monitoring and mitigating the risk of direct or indirect loss caused from inadequate or failed internal processes or from external events.

What you'll learn on the course

Operational Risk

Course programme

  • Introduction to operational risk modeling
  • Basic concepts related to probability distributions
  • Modeling number of losses using Excel: Frequency distributions
  • Modeling size of losses using Excel: Severity distributions
  • Fitting distributions to data: Parameter estimation
  • Examining goodness of fit
  • Aggregate loss modeling
  • Aggregating VaR estimates across Business Lines and Event types
  • Precautions while using EVT/GPD to avoid overestimation of capital reqt
  • How confident are you about parameter estimates?
  • Using External data in OpVaR
  • Combining capital estimates based on internal data, external data and scenario analysis
  • Operational risk modeling software
  • Introduction to R: an open-source operational risk modeling software

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