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Location Panchkula
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Chandigarh, India
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Starts On request
Chandigarh, India
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Course programme

Inroduction to Oracle 9i: SQL
- Writing Basic SQL Select Statements
- Restricting and Sorting Data
- Single-Row Functions
- Displaying Data from Multiple Tables
- Aggregating Data using Group Functions
- Subqueries
- Producing Readable Output with iSQL *Plus
- Manipulating Data
- Creating and Managing Tables
- Including Constraints
- Creating Views
- Other Database Objects
- Controlling User Access
- Using set Operators
- Date Time Functions
- Enhancements to the Group by Clause
- Advanced Subqueries
- Hierarchal Retrieval
- Networking Overview
- Oracle Net Architecture
- Basic Oracle Net Server Side Configuration
- Naming Method Configuration
- Usage and Configuration of the Oracle Shared Server
- Backup and Recovery Overview
- Instance and Media Recovery Structure
- Configuring the Database Archiving Mode
- Oracle Recovery Manager Overview and Configuration
- User-Managed Backups
- RMAN Backups
- User-Managed Complete Recovery
- RMAN Complete Recovery
- RMAN Incomplete Recovery
- RMAN Maintenance
- Recovery Catalog Creation & Maintenance
- Transporting Data between Databases
- Workshop
Fundamentals -- I Performance Tuning
- Oracle Architecture Components
- Getting Started with Oracle Server
- Managing an Oracle Instance
- Creating a Database
- Using Data Dictionary and Dynamic Performance Views
- Maintaining The Control File
- Maintaining Redo Log File
- Maintaining Tablespaces and Datafiles
- Storage Structure and Relationship
- Managing Undo Data
- Managing Tables
- Managing Indexes
- Maintaining Data Integrity
- Managing Password Security and Resources
- Managing Users
- Managing Privileges
- Managing Roles
- Auditing
- Loading Data into a Database
- Using Globalization Support - Overview of Oracle 9i Performance Tuning
- Diagnostic and Tuning Tools
- Sizing the Shared Pool
- Sizing the Buffer Cache
- Sizing other SGA Structures
- Database Configuration and I/O Issues
- Optimizing Sort Operations
- Diagnosing Contention for Latches
- Tuning Undo Segments
- Monitoring and Detecting Lock Contention
- Tuning the Oracle Shared Server
- SQL Statement Tuning
- Using Oracle Blocks Efficiently
- Application Tuning
- Tuning the Operating System & Resource Manager
- Workshop Overview
- Project Work

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