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Chandigarh, India
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Starts On request
Chandigarh, India
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Course programme

Inroduction to Oracle 9i: SQL
- Writing Basic SQL Select Statements
- Restricting and Sorting Data
- Single-Row Functions
- Displaying Data from Multiple Tables
- Aggregating Data using Group Functions
- Subqueries
- Producing Readable Output with iSQL *Plus
- Manipulating Data
- Creating and Managing Tables
- Including Constraints
- Creating Views
- Other Database Objects
- Controlling User Access
- Using set Operators
- Date Time Functions
- Enhancements to the Group by Clause
- Advanced Subqueries
- Hierarchal Retrieval

- Introduction to PL/SQL
- Declaring Variables
- Writing Executable Statements
- Interacting with the Oracle Server
- Writing Control Structures
- Working with Composite Data Types
- Writing Explicit Cursors
- Advanced Explicit Concepts
- Handling Exceptions
- Creating Procedures, Functions
- Managing Subprograms
- Creating Packages
- More Package Concepts
- Using Oracle-Supplied Packages
- Creating Database Triggers
- Managing Dependencies
Oracle 9i Forms Oracle 9i Reports
- Introduction to Oracle Forms Developer and Oracle Forms Services
- Running a Forms Developer Application
- Working in the Forms Developer Environment
- Creating a Basic Form Module
- Working with Data Blocks and Frames
- Working with Text Items
- Creating Lovs and Editors
- Creating Additional Input Items
- Creating Non-Input Items
- Creating Windows and Content Canvases
- Working with Other Canvas Types
- Introduction to Triggers
- Producing Triggers, Debugging Triggers
- Adding Functionality to Items
- Run Time Message and Alerts
- Query Triggers, Validation, Navigation
- Transaction Processing
- Writing Flexible Code
- Sharing Objects and Code
- Introducing Multiple Form Applications
- Build Reports:
- Introduction to Oracle 9i Reports Developer
- Designing and Running Reports
- Working in Oracle 9i Reports Developer
- Creating a Paper Report
- Enhancing a Basic Paper Report
- Managing Report Templates
- Creating a Web Report
- Enhancing Reports using The Data Model: Queries and Groups
- Enhancing Reports using The Data Model: Data Sources
- Enhancing Reports using The Data Model: Creating Columns
- Controlling The Paper Layout: Common Properties
- Controlling The Paper Layout: Specific Properties
- Web Reporting
- Extending Functionality using XML
- Creating and Using Report Parameters
- Embedding a Graph in a Report
- Enhancing Matrix Reports
- Coding PL/SQL Triggers
- Extending Functionality using the SRW Package
- Maximizing Performance using Oracle 9i as Reports Services
- Building Reports: Efficiency Guidelines
- Project Work

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