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Central Institute of Information Technology
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Location Nagpur
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Plot No.2, Near RPTS Road, Opp. ICAD, Laxminagar, 440022, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
Plot No.2, Near RPTS Road, Opp. ICAD, Laxminagar, 440022, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

* Dbms and Rdbms Concept
* Normalization
* Entity Relationship Diagram (ER Diagram)
* Data Definition Language (DDL) (Create, Alter, Drop, Rename ,Truncate)
* Table, View, Synonyms
* Data Manipulation Language (DML) (Insert, Update, Delete)
* Ampersand : &, &&
* Transaction Control Statement(TCS) (Commit, Rollback, Savepoint, Set Transaction)
* Atomicity (Row, Statement)
* Query Language (QL) (Select, From, Where, Group By, Having, Order by)
* Data Retrival from Single and Multiple Table
* Cartesian product/Cross Product
* Sub-Query, Scalar SubQuery in Select,
* Self Join, Outer join, Left join, right join
* Hierarchical / Tree Structured Query
* Pseudo Columns (Rowid, Rownum, User, Uid, Level)
* Control Language (Grant and Revoke Privileges)
* Integrity Constraints (Add, Enable, Disable, Drop)
* Domain Constraint: (DataType, Width, Null, Check)
* Key Constraint: (Primary, Foreign, Unique)
* Operators
* Set/Expression (Intersect, Minus, Union)
* Row (All, Distinct, Prior, Connect By)
* Logical (All, And, Any, Between, Exits, In, Not In, Like, Or, Some,)
* Comparison/Relational ((), =, !=, <>, >, >=, <, <=)
* Arithmetic (+, -, *, /, **)
* Evaluation Order
* Aggregate Functions
* Sum(), Avg(), Min(), Max(), Count()
* Number Functions
Abs(), Ceil(), Floor(), Mod(), Power(), Round(), Sqrt(), Trunc()
* Date Functions
Add_Month(), Last_Day(), Months_Between(), Next_Day(), Extract()
* Character Functions
Ascii(), Chr(), Initcap(), Instr(), Substr(), Length(), Lower(), Upper(), Lpad(), Rpad(), Ltrim(), Rtrim(), Translate(), Soundex()
* Conversion Functions
To_Char(), To_Date()
* Others Functions
* Greatest(), Least(), Decode(), Nvl() Analytical Queries using Advanced Functions
* Case Expressions
* Multiple Insert Statement
* Merge Statement
* Regular Expression
* Statistical Functions
* Model Quries

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