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Typology Training
Location Pune
Duration 4 Days
  • Training
  • Pune
  • Duration:
    4 Days


Where and when

Starts Location
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Tupe Nagar, Opp Suzlon Head Office, Malwadi, Hadapsar, Pune- 411028, 411028, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
Tupe Nagar, Opp Suzlon Head Office, Malwadi, Hadapsar, Pune- 411028, 411028, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

We offer a whole instruction package that will take you from your apprentice rating all the way through your highly developed rating. Our teaching consists of a tandem flight, hands-on practice on a training hill, classroom-style ground school, simulations, and progressive coaching of thermal ling, soaring in addition to cross country methods. We make available all gear required during training. All classes are held at local hill sites in Pune in addition to as your training comes to a close we will introduce you to various flying sites in Pune, providing you with methodical site introductions to get soaring securely. The Training Program - The institution will make available all the indispensable teaching in addition to protection gear. This course will be the first march towards the transitional flying. Essential textbooks will be made obtainable for orientation. All the days are realistic flying days. You will be introduced to towering flights. This four-day course is conducted on intermediate hills in the region of Pune. At the closing stages of the course you will be towering autonomously.

Day 1

The first day is exhausted in point of reference, sophisticated ground handling methods in addition to conjecture of flight indispensable for transitional flying. This course is not much bodily challenging as substitute lots of amusing flying on larger hills. On this day you are trained range of methods of take off. One small hill flying conjecture drill will be conducted wherein you will get a chance to show a variety of techniques to fly on the hills. If you sense positive on the first day of your course, you may fly.

Day 2

On the 2nd day we trip a full-size hill practice. You will be permissible to fly on this hill subsequent to a small briefing. Some of these flights may keep you up for a elongated time. Here you will be introduced to breathtaking towering flights. A team of Instructor in addition to supporter Instructors will be helping as well as guiding you all the way through your flights. In your consignment you'll have other students flying alongside with you. When you are done with the programme you will be in a position to comprehend paragliding applications in a methodical manner as well be in a position to apply it handsomely.

Day 3

The third day you are trained all the indispensable skill to take off discretely. An assortment of techniques of soaring are taught. On this day the most important importance is on educating how to stay for a longer time flying up in the heavens. The coach will direct you all the way through your soaring flight. He will try to maintain you as long as probable in the air. At the conclusion of the day, diverse flying protection associated chapters will be shared.

Day 4

The final day will be exhausted on practicing towering flights along with top landings. (Landing at the same place where you have taken off) The conjecture of top landing will be explained. The teacher will elucidate you the day's task. You will be trained how to increase utmost elevation for the agreed lifting air. After a small towering flight you will be introduced to pinnacle landings. You will be attempting a number of top landings in a few flights.

During plus after this course you will begin enjoying the authentic adventure of flying. There are numerous protection associated characteristics of flying, which are cleared during this course. This course is a footstep towards autonomous flying. You will have a clear, indepth as well as broad knowledge as well as familiarity with flying and the weather. After achievement of this course you may carry on practice flying with the institute's flying gear at a ostensible fee.

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