P.hd in Mossbauer spectroscopy

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Homi Bhabha Road, Mumbai , 400005, Maharashtra, India
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P.hd in Mossbauer spectroscopy

In our daily life we often encounter matter in the form of crystals, amorphous solids such as glass and liquids of various kinds. Their investigation is at the heart of Condensed matter Physics and Materials Science - the study of properties of matter in relation to external factors like temperature, pressure, magnetic fields and size. Matter can transform from one state to another under suitable conditions. For instance, at very low temperatures, matter may become "superfluid", which means that it can flow without any resistance to its motion, or it may be "superconducting", in which case it can carry current with absolutely no resistance.

Such properties of matter are exciting both because they offer a window to the fundamental laws of nature, and because they are useful in developing advanced technologies which can change the way we live. Scientists at the Institute have been successful in identifying a new class of superconductors called borocarbides, and have studied the nature of exotic magnetism and superconductivity. They have been able to shed light on the interactions that led to the different types of magnetism in metallic alloys and oxides. Novel optoelectronic devices based on semiconductors have been designed and laser techniques have been used to fabricate high quality superconducting thin films which can carry currents more than million amperes at low temperatures.

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