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It is said that Samudra, deity of the seas has given the knowledge of Palmistry to the world hence this art is also called as Samudrika. It is a science of understanding the past, present and future of a person by the features, mounts and lines of a palm of a person. It is one of the 64 Divine arts. Palmistry is very popular in foreign shores also. There are very few who have the precise knowledge of Palmistry as compared to other arts. Students specialized in Palmistry are doing very well as professional practitioners. The best part of Palmistry is that it does not require any instrument or any material for reference and can be used anywhere and at any time. Knowledge of the palmist plays the most important role. Students of Indian Aastrology School have been very successful by adopting this art as a profession.

The expert panel of Indian Aastrology School has amalgamated both Indian and Western techniques in the curriculum which when studied in detail, help students to become successful professionals. Considerable knowledge related to Chiromancy and Physiognomy has been included in the course material.

About this course

Become a Professional Consultant • You can learn these courses simultaneously with your study / job / business and you can also pursue these subjects as a Career. • Learn Vedic Vastu, Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Feng Shui, Numerology, Gem Therapy and / or Tarot Card Reading and become a qualified expert professional. • Become self-employed with a small investment. • No special knowledge is needed to join our courses. You can master them in a short time and can use this knowledge for the benefit of yourself and the society. • Earn name, fame and respect along with satisfaction to help the suffering humanity

Graduate or above 30 years of age

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  • Astrology
  • Vaastu

Teachers and trainers (1)

Rahul  Agarwal

Rahul Agarwal


Course programme

Module 1
Ancient Indian Samudrik Shastra, Palmistry : Indian and western system of Hand reading, rules for hand reading of people, right and left hand, lines and mounts of hands.

Module 2
Methods of taking hand prints, dimension and measurement of hand, various types of hands : method of recognizing them, personality, outlook, behavior, knowledge, thinking patterns, etc. of a person based on hand, various methods of hand reading and instruments.

Module 3
Thumb: flexibility, bending, elasticity, shape and angle of thumb; Fingers – bending, short and long fingers, phalange, quality. Nails: formation, half Moon, color, spots and lines.

Module 4
Introduction to lines in hand: Heart line, Head line, Life line, Sun line, luck line, other lines and their effects

Module 5
Mounts situated in hand and their effects, situation of various mounts in hand, position of exaltation, recognizing mounts, developed and undeveloped mounts. Various mounts : Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, etc.

Module 6
Various mounts : Mercury, Moon and Venus, aggressive and defensive Mars fields, developed areas, undeveloped areas, depressed mounts, relation of mounts and fingers, symbols and lines, basic qualities.

Module 7
Life line, recognizing life line in hand, various aspects of life line, relation to mounts, starting point, ending point, planet areas, features, symbols, faults and relation to major lines.

Module 8
Head and Heart line, recognizing heart and head line in hand, various aspects of head and heart line, relation to mounts, starting point, ending point, planet areas, features, symbols, faults and relation to major lines.

Module 9
Luck line, recognizing luck line in hand, various aspects of luck line, relation to mounts, starting point, ending point, planet areas, features, symbols, faults and relation to major lines.

Module 10
Health line, recognizing health line in hand, various aspects of health line, starting point, ending point. Children Line: position in hand, son and daughter line. Mars line: recognition, quality, defensive Mars, ground of Mars, combination of Mars’ lines. Lines of Rascette, auspicious and inauspicious symbols, travel lines.

Module 11
Marriage line, recognising marriage line in hand, various aspects of marriage line, more than 1 marriage line and their effects, etc. Girdle of Venus: recognizing girdle of Venus in hand, effects, displaced, strong and weak girdle of Venus and relation to major lines.

Module 12
Rules of reading hand, difficulties, solution, making lines of hand strong, use of gems and crystals, case studies and practical studies through examples. Practical study of people of different fields.

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₹ 8,500 VAT incl.